ad6D.A. Graphics is a rapidly growing company that specializes in design development and manufacturing management. They work with other companies to design, print and manufacture goods. Some of their largest clients are hydroplane manufacturing companies, D.A. Graphics help them create the designs that we all recognize.  They do all sorts of different designs for a huge variety of different companies, therefore they’re always in need of some help around the office. That’s where Bellevue Big Picture junior Alex Demmler comes in.

Demmler has been working on several projects over the course of the past few weeks. His current project is working on designing a clip that will hold two different USB cords together for a nearby business that is creating waterproof anti-bacterial keyboards for hospitals. “Once I finish the design on the computer, I will print it using our 3D printer. If there is anything that I’d like to change I’ll do that on the computer, then reprint it.” Demmler explains. “Once I get a design I like we send it to the clients, they approve it, we send the models to a different company (possible in Ohio) to make molds, and finally the molds are sent to our manufacturing plant in China where the final products get created and shipped back to us.”

ad3These steps are among the many things that Demmler has learned during his time at D.A. Graphics. “Besides learning about the design to manufacturing process, I have learned about using computer programs like Creo Parametric, world communication skills and time management. Overall I have had an amazing experience here.”

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