Laptop collection will happen on June 19th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd. The schedule is at the end of this message.

Students will need to bring the laptop, power cord, stylus, laptop bag and Student Damage Explanation Form at the assigned time. Students will get a Student Damage Explanation Form from teachers before the scheduled time. Laptops will be assessed for the following damage:

  • Missing Power Adapter ($19.00)
  • Missing Stylus ($13.00)
  • Missing Laptop Bag ($30.00)
  • Keyboard Damage or Missing Keys (assessed by BSD IT)
  • Cracked or Broken Laptop Casing (assessed by BSD IT)
  • Screen Damage (assessed by BSD IT)
  • Laptop will not turn on (assessed by BSD IT)

On the days before the laptop is turned in, students should:

  • Complete all assignments for which a computer is needed before the collection time
    • make arrangements with teachers for any presentations needing a computer
  • Save all files to OneDrive
    • All files on the laptop will be erased when the software is updated this summer
    • OneDrive can be accessed at throughout a student’s tenure in BSD
  • Archive all needed work from Class OneNotes. Directions are at this link and will be covered in class.
  • Putting stickers or additional markings on laptops or cases is prohibited and should be removed
Date Time Level Class Teacher
19-Jun 8:30 12th Grade Senior English Anna Morin
21-Jun 8:45 8th Grade Social Studies Paul Spatafore
  10:30 8th Grade Social Studies Paul Spatafore
  11:15 7th Grade Science Bailey Edgley
  12:40 8th Grade Social Studies Paul Spatafore
22-Jun 8:45 7th Grade Science Bailey Edgley
  12:30 7th Grade Science Bailey Edgley
  2:00 6th Grade Advisory Paul Spatafore
  2:30 6th Grade Advisory Charmee Park
  3:00 6th Grade Advisory Brooke Weber
23-Jun 8:25 HS LA11 Kaarina Aufranc
  8:50 HS LA9/10 Erica Bell
  9:10 HS Chemistry Topher Kinkead
  9:30 HS PE/Health Ally Horswill
  9:50 HS Spanish Amy Buckingham
  10:30 HS Students without 1st period