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The Bellevue Big Picture alumni family has grown again. Congratulations to our 2020 Bellevue Big Picture graduates! You are such an amazing part of our family. Good luck and come back soon. We’re always here to celebrate your accomplishments and help you through your challenges. In a few years students will be calling on you to be their internship mentor.

Watch the 2020 Bellevue Big Picture Graduation Ceremony

Matthew Stokes To Big Picture family and friends – we encourage you to use the Q&A feature to provide shout-outs and ‘kudos’ to graduates. We’ll publish these throughout the ceremony. We are not answering questions during the event. Thank you!
Anonymous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Dennis “It’s really OK to not have all the answers. The answers will come for sure if you can accept not knowing long enough to get still and stay still long enough for new thoughts to take root in your more quiet, deeper, truer self. The noise of the world drowns out the sound of you. You need to get still to listen.”
Eleanor’s mom @Nona Henderson… Eleanor is my daughter (Erin Snodgrass, Marty’s daughter). Hi. 🙂
DeShazo Family {{clapping}}
DeShazo Family {{clapping}}
DeShazo Family {{clapping}}
DeShazo Family {{clapping}}
DeShazo Family {{clapping}}
DeShazo Family {{clapping}}
Chuck Shull {{clapping}} Great job Joe! {{clapping}}
Anonymous ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jonathan Lee ❤️❤️❤️❤️ WooHoo Grace!!!!
Anonymous a PoTaTo An EgGgG anD TeA
Carol Anne Am I the only one wondering what kind of shoes Amanda is wearing?
Andrea del Moral Anna and Meghan and Jacob and Jay(den) and V and Kyla and Eleanor and Amanda Jo and Grace, my first Spanish 3 at BP, you taught me so much about courage and tenacity, devotion to friends, and how easy it was to love my students.
Karen Penewell Anna, I can’t wait to see you perform with the Joffrey Ballet!
Jonathan Lee ANNNA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Xander’s family as much as this isn’t an in-person graduation…you guys’ KILLED it…Tony, btw…you KILLED it too
Anonymous Aww Matt
Anonymous Awww Bethany, stop I’m crying…
Xander’s family Betheny (and Matt), you’re both ROCK STARS
Karen Penewell Brilliant speech Eleanor!
Xander’s family btw, just a shout out to Karen…the unspoken hero of Big Picture…you’re so loved
Amanda’s Dog Cant wait to send you off to WWU!!!! CONGRATS
Anonymous Casey they finally got your name right!! Great job lovely ♡
Bailey Edgley Class of 2020 I love you. What a great group of human beings I am so proud of you. Eleanor you are capturing the essence of each person perfectly.
Softball Team Come back!!!! We’ll miss you!!!!
Anonymous Congrats
Anonymous Congrats Anna Maria!
Anonymous Congrats BP
Anonymous Congrats bp students these were some good times
Anonymous Congrats BP students!
Anonymous Congrats class of 2020!
Leia Wang Congrats class of 2020!!!@ 🙂
Star Congrats Connor! proud of you! Much love.
Isaac Barry Congrats Elias “Smash that subscribe button!” Barry!!
Devon Congrats Elias & Tycho!!!!
Anonymous Congrats Elijah!
Anonymous Congrats everyone!!
Akashbir Singh Congrats Fiona on graduating! Love, Akashbir
Baby Bir Congrats Fionna!!! We miss you!
Ari Brown Congrats I’ll miss you Anna. Especially our inside jokes
Anonymous Congrats Jay H. for graduating!
Isaac Barry Congrats Joey!!
Ian and Margaret Congrats Kyla and all BP Grads!!!
Anonymous Congrats Matthew!
The Pitt Family Congrats Matthew!
William Congrats on graduating Jay and Elijah! I mean mr. photographer
Tristan Nolan Congrats on my baby brother for graduating! Go far, and never stop chasing your dreams.
Jim & Marilyn Congrats Rose!
Isaac Barry Congrats T!!
Anonymous Congrats to all the grads from bess’s advisory!
The Pitt Family Congrats to all!
Anonymous Congrats to Cindy!
Ivana Mandic Congrats to the seniors of BP
Mari Congrats to V!! I’ll miss you?
Anonymous Congrats Yohann!
Anonymous Congrats!!
Nona Henderson Congratulations  to  All, but especially my old middle schoolers- Morgan, James, Joey D, Joey S ,Matthew, and Yohann!  Go conquer  and create!
Heidi Mills Congratulations Annini! We are so proud of you. Love you!
Chuck Shull Congratulations Award winners.
Chuck Shull Congratulations Big Picture Class of 2020!
Bailey Edgley Congratulations BP class of 2020!!!!!!!!!
Karen Penewell Congratulations BP Class of 2020, I wish you all the best! Make us proud, I can’t wait for your visits, PLEASE come back. I miss you already! Love you all!
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Congratulations Cindy, Jacob , Matthew, Kyla !!!!
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Congratulations Class of 2020 !!!!! This was magnificant !!!!
Isaac Barry Congratulations class of 2020! (Can you here me? Is this on? Can you see me? Is my mic working? Hang on let me get this…
Bailey Edgley Congratulations class of 2020!! <3
Papa & Grandma Congratulations Eleanor – Love you
Anonymous Congratulations Eleanor and fellow BBP Graduates!!
Kari Congratulations Eleanor! We’re so proud of you! You are amazing!!!! <3
Kay & Ron Congratulations Elias & Tycho.  So proud of you.  Love you.
Karen Nelson Congratulations Elias and Tycho! We love you!
Anonymous Congratulations Elias!  Aunt Kay & Uncle Ron
Your fan club! Congratulations Elijah!! We are so proud of you!
Huxtable Family Congratulations Gracie!!!! We love you!!!
Anonymous Congratulations Jay and Mr Photographer
adrien king Congratulations Jay!! so so so proud of all you have accomplished!!!
Chuck Shull Congratulations Joe!  Great job!
Millers Congratulations Kai! Proud of you in Ohio. Steph, Greg, Alex, Wyatt, & Simon
Olga Barajas Congratulations Megan!!
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Congratulations Meghan !
RICKY YAÑEZ Congratulations MEGHAN !!! We love you !!! BRAVOOOO
Anonymous Congratulations Meghan we Love you!!!
Uncle Jeff, Sarah, Sean Congratulations Rose! We’re so excited for you!
Aunt Jill and Uncle John Congratulations Rose!!
Anonymous Congratulations to all of you amazing seniors!  So proud of you all!
Salil & Swapna Kadam Congratulations to class of 2020
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Congratulations Tycho !
Aaryan, Yogesh & Aparna Sawant Congratulations V!
Sawant family Congratulations V! Proud of you! Best wishes for your future!
Andrea del Moral Congratulations y felicidades to all of you!
The Kudvas Congratulations, Matthew!!! Love from Texas!
Aaron Moore Congratulations, Rose!
Madgical Madison Congratulations, Seniors!
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Congratultions Joey ! a.ka. Mr. President
Nolan Family Congratz Class of 2020!!!!!!!
Nolan Family Congratz Connor and all BP graduates! Crazy times but YOU did it!
Elijah Eleanor im so proud of you!
Papa & Grandma Eleanor!! You Rock!!!
Jonathan L Eleanor!!! Amazing speech dear!
Chris Elijah! Im so proud of you and all of you.
Madgical Madison Fantastic job Megan!!
Anonymous felicitones mi amigo yohann
Fiona’s Goldfish Fiona!!!! Congrats on making it! We knew you could do it if you worked hard enough!
Eleanor and Drew Go Anna-nini!!!!!!
Molly Larkin Go Jay Haugen~ Grandma and I are watching from Colorado.  We love you!
Papa & Grandma Go Mom!!! Great Speech!!!
Wolf Swords good job!!!!!
Anna’s Son good speech!
Anonymous Gooo Graceee!
Akashbir Singh Grace im loving this speech already, congrats!
Karen Penewell Grace, such an awesome speech, not our shy Grace anymore!
Nolan Family Great job Bethany!!! Hazzah class of 2020!
Nolan Family Great job BP Staff! You guys are awesome to deal with the craziness and we appreciate you!!!!!
Anonymous great speech grace!
Randy Largent Great speech Grace! Well written and presented.
Isaac Barry Happy Graduation Elias and Tycho!!
Wolf Swords happy tears are coming soon and i my cheeks hurt from smiling already
Karen Penewell Have a happy summer everyone! Big Picture families, see you soon. Can’t wait!
Karen Penewell Helena and Dusan, thank you for joining us. You are family, and we are honored to have you sharing this special day.
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Hi Elias !!! Congratulaltions!
Anonymous Hope you guys enjoyed your final year of high school! Congrats BP students! Dont do drugs, do hugs!!!
Madgical Madison I am so excited to be here tonight!
Xander’s family I know the run on toilet paper has made news over the past few months…but tonight, there’s a run on Kleenex…so amazing
Glyde & Griffin I like the part about the phoenix
Anonymous I love you Tycho!! You’re fine
Anonymous I love you V you are the best!!!!
Elise I love you V!! ??
Madgical Madison I loved it!
Jay’s Father’s Son I may be an only child, but Jay has always treated my like a brother! Congrats man!
Anna’s Son’s Friend I wish I was there, this is so goooood!
Randy Largent I would like to send the seniors a big congratulations. What a way to end your special year!
Matt’s Sister’s Friend IM CRYING!!!!! :((((((((
Xander’s family I’m just going to put this out there…your high school graduation is a MAJOR moment in life…and I totally understand that it’s not what you all expected…as some who has been in a high school graduation and watched others for those I love…this is so special…not “normal”…but epically special…you’re all (I have no words anymore)…LOVE
Friend of Grace’s Friend I’m so glad you all made it through this tough year. Good things are to come, love you all!
Andrew L Im so happy for all of you!
Xander’s family In a world where finding Hope may be challenging…each and every one of you 26 human beings provide us all Hope in ways we’ve never needed it more…thank you, sincerely, for what you’ve already done and what you will be doing moving forward. Don’t think of it as pressure or a heavy responsibility, think of it as your destiny…because you’re ALL that exceptional…thank you for setting such an amazing example for all of us.
Ian and Margaret Incredible speeches!!What a great community!!!
Anonymous It’s hard in a way to graduate – free at last yet without wind and rudder set. Our public involvement can help I think. The COVID circumstance hinders that, but remember we non-current-graduates are fighting to still be involved in your lives and help nudge you all in good directions!
Xander’s family It’s no wonder Grace was chosed as a speaker…well done and well said
Nitro Jay I am so proud of how far you’ve made it and thanks for taking care of me.
Glyde & Griffin Jayden – we are so proud of you!!
Xander’s family Jonathan Lee, thanks for being one of the reasons Xander came to Big Picture…and being an amazeballs alumni
Jonathan Lee Kyla, Jacob, Cindy, Kai, Jayden, Yohan, and all other “KAARINABEANS” who are graduating, congrats!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Bean power!
Wolf Swords love ya Grace!!!!
Anonymous Love you v?
Proud Father Loving the speech James!
Anonymous Miss you Casey!!! You’ll do great things ???
DeShazo Family Mr. D. – Yay Yohann!
Madgical Madison Nice!
Karen Penewell Nicely done Tony!
Bethany Spinler (spinlerb@bsd405.org) Not really a formal one. After this speech we go live with the students individually. (Will there be an intermission I gotta use the bathroom)
Jonathan L Oh Eleanor!!! You’re making us ALL cry!!!!
Jonathan Lee Oh Matt! What an amazing speech!!
Grace’s Friend OMG Grace Im soooo proud of you girllll
Jonathan Lee OMG Grace!!! This speech could not be anymore relatable!!!
Nolan Family One more congratz! And big thanks to the staff of BP. Best choice we made with our kids!… Well young men I guess now 🙂
Akashbir Singh Prepare to be overwhelmed by a ton of bright opportunities that will come your way. This is the start of wonderful things for you. Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Congratulations on your graduation!
Anonymous Remember our spanish project, that interesting little book lol
Jonathan Lee So excited! I know I’m going to “ugly cry”! Congrats class of 2020!!!
Inconspicious Man So happy for you all! Congrats.
Marcus B Such a great speech!
Xander’s family such special people….such a special community…and hopefully I’ve lost 20 Covid-19 pounds in tears…i’m betting, it’s pretty close…you are all amazing…congrats to each and every one of you
Chuck Shull Thank you Bethany and the Big Picture Staff!  Great Job!
Tristan Nolan Thank you Matt. Wish I could have visited more often.
RICKY YAÑEZ Thank you photographer !! And Congrats BP !! Kyla
Karen Penewell Thank you Xander family. Love you!
Helena and Dusan , Talia’s parents Thank-you Matt, Thank-you BPP. This means so much too us. Beatiiful ceremony.
Madgical Madison That sounds about right
Madgical Madison That was so amazing!!
Jonathan Lee The advisor card reading is the real tear jerker. Get your tissues ready.
Madgical Madison The beginning of this song is my mom’s ringtone
Anonymous The world is in your hands now.
Anonymous This is a great speech!!!!
Garry Shultz This is one of the happiest days of my life! I’m so proud of you class of 2020! Even though we have a pandemic, I’m glad we get the privilege to listen and watch this presentation! This is such a great moment in human history. Keep up the great work in your future endeavors and I hope all of you have nothing but happiness!
Anna’s Son’s Friend’s Neighbor This is so great I’m so happy you all made it through
Anonymous This is so touching!!! ❤❤
Anna’s Friend This is such a good great speech
Eleanor’s Tassel This is such a good speech!
Xander’s family To the class of 2020…wow, what a year…what you’ve accomplished under normal circumstances is amazing…under the current circumstances, it’s exceptional. Couldn’t be prouder of all the graduates, teachers and staff of an amazing school and community. WAY TO GO!!!
Jonathan Lee Too true!!!
Madgical Madison Umm… Ok?
Anonymous Way to go EL… Arizona is on line for you!!!!
Diana Barry Way to go Elias and Tycho Barry!!! You guys are wonderful. Love you
Anonymous Way to go FJ! Proud of you
Mom and Dad Way to go, Joey D.!!!?
Papa & Grandma We are both in Tears Eleanor… Great Speech!!
Tovias-Cesar Family We are so PROUD of you Yohann, dream big, we are right behind you.
Grandpa and Grandma Newman We are so proud of you. May you have a wonderful life.
Chuck Christison We love you Casey we are so proud of you
Isaac Barry We love you Talia!
Randy Largent Well said Eleanor! You left nothing out and put each classmate in the spot light!
steve s what a great group
Anonymous Why am I already crying?! ❤️❤️❤️
Chuck Shull WooHoo Congrats everyone!
Jonathan Wooohooooi
Anonymous WoOoOOoOoOo(a PoTaTo An EgGgG anD TeA)
Anonymous Yay Anna!
Anonymous Yay Eleanor!!
DeShazo Family Yay TayTay!  We finally did it!
Auntie Fil (Thailand) Yay, Anna, you made it! Congratulations. You have a great class.
Anonymous Yesss Anna yess✊?✊?
RICKY Yessss
Vincent Rubio Yo, my boy Jacob over here! Congrats mannn
Sarah M You all make me so proud! Keep moving foward!
Anonymous You are brilliant Eleanor, I truly mean it.
Wolf Swords You guys are awesome!!!!!
Xander’s family YOU GUYS ROCK
Anonymous You’re amazing Rose!!
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