In this video Matt, Bethany, Martin and a variety of students and advisors welcome next year’s 6th grade students with information about what to expect.

Questions and Responses (not answered in the video)
Question  Is there going to be Badminton as a school sport?
Response  Badminton is part of our PE curriculum but is not a sport at school at this point in time. Jubilee sports which is free for all middle school students includes soccer, golf, basketball, and track. If there are changes to what they offer next year, we will let everyone know.
Question  There was a plan to have big picture next year in a different building as the current one will be removed and rebuilt. Is that still the plan?
Response  The timeline is being redeveloped for the rebuilds for all the buildings that were approved from the last Bond. We don’t yet know when we will be scheduled for that. Once we know, we’ll let our school community know.
Question  How is the security for the students if they are walking outside to switch classrooms?
Response  During passing time, several staff members are also outside providing supervision and support for students. Our campus has been very safe for students. During our recent return to school, it’s been very helpful having our on-campus students move between classes outside to provide more space and outside air as opposed to crowded internal hallways.
Question  Through each of the 7 periods do we form different groups?
Response  In each class, students will have different peers to partner with on group projects. Students will have some students in common with them for several of their classes and then other students who may only be in one of their classes. There are 3 sections of each class- 3 6th grade math classes, 3 6th grade science classes, etc.
Question  If i choose a class like Health or something and then later i want to change it, can i do that?
Response  For 6th grade, all students for the most part have the same 7 classes. In 7th and 8th grade, you’ll be able to select 2 electives. Those choices are made in the Spring before the upcoming school year. You’ll indicate first and second choices for your electives. Once the schedules are made, it’s only under an extenuating circumstance we would change the course.
Question If i choose a subject will the teacher teaching me be the same teacher until I change that subject?
Response  Some teachers will loop with you 2-3 years in middle school and others won’t. For example, you may have Charmee for math 6th and 7th grade, but then have Eileen for math in 8th grade. If you take art as an elective, you could have Erica all 3 years. It will vary by subject area.
Question  Are we allowed to create clubs?
Response  Absolutely. We have new clubs created by students each year.
Question  Is the accelerated program supported for virtual students coming to middle school?
Response  Email me at and we can check with the virtual program on their math options. I beleive students would be able to take a 7th grade online math course in 6th grade for this program.
Question  Will there be orientation day?
Response  Yes. It will be in late August. Once we have the date, we will let everyone know.
Question  How many incoming 6th graders will there be?
Response 75
Question  Just a follow up to the rebuilding project. Is it off the table for next year? We want to start making our commute plan.
Response  It is definitely not happening next year.
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