Learning Through Interests and Internship

Mentor an Intern, inspire a career.

Help prepare a student for success in college and career through hands-on, rigorous and relevant work experiences.

We believe education is everywhere, not just inside classrooms because students learn best when motivated through interests and passions. We want to partner with you so our students can learn from your experience in a professional setting that matches their interests. Your expertise and mentoring can provide context and depth in a real-world work setting that will help cultivate a clearer vision of their future. Workplace Mentors become role models, resources and guides for students that make a difference for a lifetime.

LTI is…

High school students spend 7 hours every Thursday at an Internship, working on projects that benefit the organization and connect to the student’s learning goals. At worksites, students take on real-world tasks and projects under the supervision of a Mentor. Back at Big Picture, the students work with their Advisors building and reinforcing the skills and knowledge needed to complete those projects.

Mentoring is…

  • Expecting positive contribution and accountability from the Intern.
  • Collaborating with the Intern and School Advisor to develop a rigorous project.
  • Teaching, engaging, inspiring, encouraging, and providing regular feedback.
  • Developing trust and relationship
  • Sharing passions and patience with the Intern as they learn and grow.
  • Communicating with the School Advisor or school if Intern is absent or concerns arise.
  • Planning for Thursday LTI when you are busy or not available.
  • Verifying attendance and provide feedback through our ImBlaze LTI system.
  • Meeting periodically with the Intern and School Advisor to discuss student’s work, progress or concerns.
  • Try to attend the student’s final presentation/exhibition of learning.

Internship is…

  • Contributing to and learning from mentor’s experience and real-world work.
  • Developing, researching, investigating questions and completing a project connected to their Internship work with support from their Mentor and School Advisor.
  • Meeting regularly with Mentor to discuss progress and to receive feedback.
  • Practicing responsibility and accountability.
  • Notifying Mentor, Advisor and school if absent.

Internship Project Examples

  • Website maintenance and research
  • Engineering/construction cost spreadsheets
  • Database entry and spreadsheet creation
  • Creation of announcements/cards using graphic design software
  • Physical Therapy marketing video
  • Assist with political campaigns, marketing or events
  • Sports management/coaching
  • Architectural Sketch-Up working plans
  • Music group promotion
  • Create marketing materials and brochures
  • Automotive customer service
  • Docent at Pacific Science Center
  • Assist in pre-school, elementary or middle schools
  • Culinary, restaurant systems organization
  • Creating business newsletters
  • Archiving and restoring historical artifacts
  • Assisting with ophthalmology testing
  • Social Media Content & Design

Learning is not a spectator sport at Big Picture.

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