High School Graduation is an exciting milestone for Big Picture students and families. School counselors and staff work together to support students on their journey towards graduation and beyond. If you have any questions or concerns about graduation requirements, please contact the Counseling Center.

Graduation Requirements and Checklist:

Request for Credit for High School Courses Taken Prior to Entering High School:

  • It is important to understand that once credit is posted to the high school transcript, it cannot be removed.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss adding middle school classes to their high school transcript in the spring of their Junior year to best determine the impact on overall GPA and more clearly identify if the credit is necessary for graduation.
  • If a course is taken outside of the BSD, students must provide a copy of the middle school grade report or transcript. Registrars will verify that the course qualifies for credit and will place on the student’s high school transcript. Turn in completed form to the counseling center secretary.
  • Please contact your school counselor with any questions.

Washington State History Options:

Successful completion of Washington state history is required for high school graduation. Successful completion must be noted on each student’s transcript. The Washington state history and government requirement may be waived by the principal for students who:

  • Have successfully completed a state history and government course of study in another state; or
  • Have transferred to BSD in 11th or 12th grade and have not completed a course of study in Washington’s history and state government because of previous residence outside the state.
Option Location Instructor Credit/Grade Cost How to Register
OneNote Course Home on student’s own time School District Proctor None/None FREE See school counselor to enroll.
Summer School BSD BSD Hired Teacher .5/Grade Earned $410 (Scholarships available for students that qualify Summer school applications are available in March. For more info, go to BSD Summer Programs.
Semester Course All high schools Building Teachers .5/Grade Earned FREE, part of student’s schedule Register in March during one-on-one course registration with the student’s school counselor.
Running Start Course HIST 214 Bellevue College Bellevue College Instructor .5/Grade Earned Depends on course load Attend the Running Start Info Session typically held in February at BP and presented by BP’s HS Counselor.
Online Provider Home on student’s own time Online Provider Instructor .5/Grade Earned Depends on online provider Depends on online provider. For more info, see OSPI’s Approved Online Course Providers.
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