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Bellevue School District among the First in Washington State to Institute Sustainability Policy

In a unanimous vote on Thursday, April 20, school board directors of the Bellevue School District adopted Policy 6811, the first sustainability policy for a school district in Washington state. The four-pillar policy establishes practices to increase individual and collective understanding of how to work toward an ecologically sustainable school district and empower current and future BSD students.Read More

Bellevue School District

Bellevue School District Board Directors Vote to Approve School Building Consolidation Plan

On Thursday, March 16, 2023, the Bellevue School District Board of Directors in a 3-2 (abstention) vote, approved the District’s plan to consolidate Wilburton and Eastgate Elementary School buildings. This consolidation along with additional operational cuts will help to offset a $31 million dollar budget shortfall. Read More