At Cherry Crest, we are helping our school be a safe and respectful place by teaching the Bullying Prevention Unit by Second Step in all classrooms.  In September and October, school counselor Marissa Krauskopf, Principal Dusty Steere,  Assistant Principal Brenda Naish and ITCL Carmen Corra are leading students through 4 lessons teaching them skills to help stop bullying.  Students are learning how to:

  • Recognize when bullying is happening.
  • Report bullying to a caring adult.
  • Refuse to let bullying happen to themselves or others.
  • And, be an upstander who stands up and is part of the solution to bullying.

Teachers will send home a parent letter after the first lesson in addition to a Home Link page that identifies important elements of the Bullying Prevention Unit.  We encourage you to look over  the Home Link with your child and ask them about what they learned.

Additional information about our Bullying Prevention Unit can be found on the Second Step website:

Direct comments or questions to Marissa Krauskopf, Cherry Crest counselor, at