From February 22 through February 26, there will be no in-person services and all classes will be provided remotely.
In-person services resume Monday, March 1, 2021.

Dear Families,

On Tuesday (2/26/2019), students and staff were asked to review the procedural steps for a “Shelter in Place” safety drill.

What does Shelter-in-Place mean?

  • Sheltering-in-Place is a precautionary routine to keep you as safe as possible while indoors during an emergency event.
  • In the event there is a spill or release of toxic or hazardous chemicals into the environment near our building, we will initiate a Shelter-in-Place response.   This is intended to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful agents in the air.
  • To learn more, please view the following video (stop at 3 minutes 35 seconds):

What do we do during a Shelter-in-Place drill?

  • Teacher reviews reflection questions with students (See PowerPoint attached for more information)
  • Teachers and staff monitor email closely.
  • Classroom activities continue per usual.
  • There is no travel outside of the classroom.
  • During a Shelter-in-Place drill, no student is to leave their classroom for a bathroom break.
  • Mrs. Stedman will announce when the drill is complete.

For your reference, here is a link to the Shelter in Place Presentation that was shared with students at school.

Thank you,

Dusty Steere (Principal) and Erin Stedman (Assistant Principal)