School resumes Monday, April 19 and opportunities for in-person instruction will be available for students by educators who wish to instruct in-person, and online for other students. All grades remote learning if not attending in-person.

Due to the COVD-19 Pandemic, Bellevue School District and Cherry Crest students received remote and virtual instruction for the 1st semester of the 2020-2021 school year.  As part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the school district and the teachers association (BEA), each school has established a Safety and Health Conditions Review Team (SHCRT).  This team meets weekly to review individual school and safety health data and make recommendations for expansion of additional in person services.

The Cherry Crest SHCRT is made up of staff members representing groups of educators currently/imminently serving in person at school including the school nurse, lead custodian and school principal.   The team meets each Wednesday to review all relevant data  including but not limited to: safety protocol reports, school infection and contact tracing data, and King County DOH COVID-19 dashboard data for our attendance area.  On the Wednesday prior to each announced phase of expansion for in-person services, the SHCRT decides based on the data for their school whether or not to move
forward with expansion of in person learning or delay. The school or district then communicates the team decision to all impacted families by 5 pm on Thursday.

Examples of relevant data that our team considers include:

Summary Notes/Concerns from recent Safety and Health Conditions Review Team Meetings

  • March 3 & 10
    • K-2 student expansion underway.  130 students in building split between AM & PM
    • K-2 Dismissal: students not always observing physical distancing in building and upon exit. Not all adults following procedures, few students using the bus, drive through takes a long time.
    • Recess dismissal procedures (students too close, using same exit).
    • Recess equipment cleaning/sharing among students.
    • Concern with bringing grades 3-5 back, how to fit up to 15 students in a classroom – children and class sizes are larger than grades K, 1, and 2.
    • Social distancing is tricky for Ks, and in hallway for children and adults. Health attestation completion – same families need consistent reminders from office.
    • Proper mask wearing – adults and students.  Masks get lost/broken. Extra masks available in classroom and clinic. Community use of field during the day challenges designed cohorting. Signage in place and messaging to school/community shared.
  • March 17
    • County, Neighborhood and School data reviewed. New data information shared which includes COVID impact broken down by race.
    • Moving around building still presents greatest social distancing challenges. Hallway traffic patterns discussed: signage, arrows on the floor, use of stairwells and doors to the outside.
    • Team agreed to rollout order of 3rd grade, followed by 4th and then 5th grade.
    • Given Governor’s emergency proclamation, the team is now working on the premise that all students K-5 will be offered in person learning by April 5.
    • This committee continues to meet each week and follow process outlined in the Memo of Understanding between the BEA and BSD “to expand or delay” in-person learning, with focus on safety
    • Third grade will introduce an additional 90 students in person split between AM/PM sessions.
    • Return schedule for 3rd grade is:
      • Classroom Prep Days March 22 and 23 (asynchronous learning provided for students)
      • Return to school on Thursday & Friday March 25 & 26.
      • 3rd grade attends 4 days/week (M,T,Th,F) beginning March 29
  • March 24
    • King Co. COVID data reviewed. Slight uptick in cases noted (104 cases/100,00 people).   Possible cause is reopening of restaurants and other places of business.  Also, people are traveling more.
    • Bellevue School District COVID data reviewed. Confirmed COVID cases over the last 14 days = 1 student in the district, 0 staff in the district.
    • Students at Cherry Crest exhibiting or reporting possible symptoms of illness continue to be sent to our Cares room for evaluation and to follow safety and health practices for remaining/returning to school safely.
    • Parents have been keeping children home if they show any sort of symptoms. Nursing staff follow up when that occurs.
    • Cherry Crest building protocol for usage of common spaces such as the book room was reviewed. Custodians are notified of room usage for their cleaning purposes.
    • Community note: The Bellevue Fire Department has applied for a permit to provide door-to-door vaccines in the community, for those unable to travel to a vaccination site.
    • Return-to-school scheduling, including asynchronous days for 4th and 5th grades was discussed. The return for the 4/5 split class was discussed.
    • On asynchronous days, specialists and the resource room still meet with students (except March 25 and 26).
    • The vote was taken and passed: Return to in-person learning for 4th grade will be Thursday April 1 and Friday April 2.  The week of April 5 they will be in school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  5th grade will return to in-person learning on Monday, April 5 and will continue on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday that week.
    • The week following spring break remains virtual for everyone.
    • The week of April 26, all grades K through 5 will be in school 4 days/week.

March 31

  • COVID case data reviewed for King County
    • cases on the rise with 137/100,000 people now
    • One source of the uptick was a King County jail. Also, college-aged and high-school aged kids.
    • Strong mitigating measures must continue
  • COVID case data reviewed for BSD
    • Spiritridge Elementary had 1 case and 13 students were identified as close contacts.
    • Cherry Crest had one student quarantined due to close contact in the community. Student was not in the building when close contact status was determined.
    • No cases reported at Cherry Crest
  • Quarantine procedures discussed
    • If a class must quarantine (including the teacher) for 2 weeks, learning would happen virtually
    • If a student quarantines alone (due to community contact, for example), only asynchronous work is provided (by mandate)
    • “Close contact” was discussed
  • Attestations for staff and students entering the building are changing due to King County Public Health guidelines changing.
  • Building protocol reviewed and discussed:
    • Late arrivals procedure
    • Staff mask-wearing in semi-public spaces
    • Boys and Girls Club traffic patterns within the hallways (student arrival and departure)
    • Dusty coordinates procedures with Boys and Girls Club
    • Individual teachers enter information/concerns about protocol onto school-wide spread sheet, for tracking purposes
    • Students are being checked at the door for masks and being given hand sanitizer. One student was reported to have no mask upon arriving at classroom door.  Procedures were discussed with staff monitoring for this.
  • 4th grade returns to in-person learning 4/1/21
  • Pivot-to-hybrid meetings are still occurring
  • Returning teachers receive health and safety supplies upon return to building
  • All BSD students will have a week of virtual learning April 19 – 23. Specialist schedule remains on the newly-revised and implemented April schedule.
  • Another COVID vaccine clinic for BSD staff is being added
  • Custodial staff report that they are able to clean classrooms and bathrooms between the AM and PM students readily at this time

April 7

  • King County COVID data: Phase 3 target is below 200 cases/100 K people. Currently, there are 177.3 cases/100 K.
    • If we go up to 200 people/100 K, we roll back to Phase 2. That would impact school sports, restaurants, community events, but no change to current school in-person set up at this time
    • In the news, young people playing sports is a place where virus is being transmitted
    • Be mindful of opportunities to lower risk factors – wearing mask, handwashing, avoid travel. Use mitigating efforts!
  • BSD data: Stevenson has had 1 student confirmed case positive from community contact.  Close contacts were quarantined.
  • Cherry Crest data: No cases
  • Custodial report: Desks are cleared when students leave, so spraying down is happening within that hour between House A and House B.  No issues.
    • Hand sanitizer supply and replenishing procedures discussed
    • Shared areas should be wiped down after use (hallway tables)
  • 2 students were sent to the CARES room this week. Protocol was reviewed for when to send a child to the CARES room.  Nurse Amy is here T, Th to assess students with any symptoms. Without a nurse here M, W, F, students will probably be sent home.  One of our strongest mitigating efforts is education of stay-at-home-when-sick protocols for parents/families.
  • Office staffing discussion: possibility of adding GSA time to office staff
  • This committee was asked to share protocol with their grade-level team
  • Office safety: mask-wearing, traffic flow, private vs. semi-private space
  • CDC says fully vaccinated people can interact with other fully vaccinated people

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