Students at Cherry Crest learn that we only have one earth and that it makes sense to take care of it and the resources it provides.  Students on the Green Team work in the cafe to educate peers on recycling and support the School Food Share (SFS) Program.  Green Team members help divert unopened milk and whole fruits to the School Food Share program instead of being thrown away. So far this year Cherry Crest has collected over 1,088 cartons of milk and about 140 additional pounds of food for donation.

During Earth Week:

  • Third Grade has started a pilot program to compost paper towels from their bathrooms via a separate bin that will be added to the lunch room compost collection.
  • All Grades will be able to participate in the collection of candy and snack wrappers and squeeze packs that otherwise cannot be recycled in our normal waste stream. These will be sent off to a facility specifically for this type recycling. Your student can bring these to school from home or from their lunches here at school. Lets see how much we can collect and recycle with Terracycle instead of throwing away.

We would like to ask families to share with us what you are your students are doing at home or in the community to protect or give voice to issues that impact the planet which we all share. Please send your activities and actions to Britt Heath [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about the Green Team and/or Earth Week activities please ask your student for details or our staff member Britt Heath [email protected]

Cherry Crest Green Team Members

2nd grade 3rd Grade 4th grade 5th grade
Austin L.

Lena F.

Mariam A.

Zeynep B.

Leila B.

Wyatt M.

Vivaan S.

Samriddhi R.

Polly G.

Mokshvi S.

Grace E.

Andrew W.

Lucas W.

Mila C.

Vyom P.

Shaurya S.

Rishabh R.

Sayanthika S.

Aadya C.

Abinaya M.

Calliope H.

Ariana S.

Tommy G.

Noah W.

Jasmeher K.

Julian R.

Kathryn L.

Kidan S.

Leo G.

Wyatt G.

Mishka K.

Nahla K.

Pradyun V.

Raj C.

Vedika G.

Vivienne N.

Zayna C.

Lucas T.

Annabelle P.

Ansh R.

Beaux S.

Yashwitha M.

Thanishka L. K.

Sagashra C.

Manoga L.

Aryan C.

Guy L.

Katherine D.

Auri B.

Beverly R.

Itamar E.

Gaurish C.

Tejashri N.

Angalika G.

Deetya A.

Ashley L.

Jackson P.

Viktor M.

Aditya S.

Maddox A.

Max S.

Brissa Y.

Shashank A.

Kavya N.

Sophia L.

Eiden S.

Grace N.

Ritanya A.

Avnita N.

Kennedy T.

Sisira A.

Joudi A.

Siddarth M.

Brielle H.

Arjun M.

Claire S.

Max K.

Meet K.

Aariana M.

Vikruthy R.

Dedeepya Y

Sonam B.

Claire W.

Dev B

Avin G.

Yashri L.

Alma E.

Jasmine C.

Vansh S.

Aariana M.

Mia K.

Leyi C.

Nate D.

Saanvi S.

Joyce W.

Nisha R.

Reya R.

Saanvi S.



The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.