2017-18 Supply List

Chinook Supply List 2017-2018

Suggested Supplies to begin the school year. Teachers will notify students of any additional supplies needed for each class:

Binder, 3-ring

Binder Dividers (1 set)

Composition Books (1-2) college rule, (1-2) quad ruled

Ear Buds (1 set)


Index cards, (1 pkg.) 3 X 5

Memory Stick/Flash Drive 

Notebook, (1-2) spiral, college rule

Paper, “college-ruled” notebook

Pencil pouch (3-hole punched fits in binder & is best for securing belongings)

Pencil sharpener – small, hand-held

Pencils and erasers

Pencils, colored

Pens, ball point

Pens, Sharpie (thick/thin points)

Other Supplies to Consider

Laptop mouse

Glue stick

White Out

Post-it notes

Ruler (with cm/mm and inches)

Calculator, basic Math/Science [7th/8th]

Calculator, #TI-83 Plus [Algebra or Geometry—home use only, not required until high school]

King County Library Card

Chinook Middle School accepts donations of all of the above-listed student supplies. In addition, we accept donations of the following consumable items for classroom use:

Sanitizing wipes (to clean desktops)

Hand sanitizer

Facial Tissue


Thank you for your continued support!

* If you need assistance providing these supplies for your student, please contact the Main Office at 425-456-6300. These supplies will be provided upon request.

** Composition books can be found at many retail outlets (Amazon, Bartell’s, Fred Meyer, Office Depot, Target)


Note: Students may bring a backpack to school, but it is left in locker during the school day.