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  1. Between 7:45-8:10 and 2:10-2:45 you will not be able to make a left turn into the school parking lot if you are driving west-bound on 24th. Please see the map for the route the City of Clyde Hill has established for the most efficient routes to use throughout the neighborhood.
  2. East-bound-NE-24th-St drivers are asked to pull to the shoulder, to create a pick-up/drop-off queue. Having the queue use the shoulder will keep the eastbound lane clear on NE 24th St and allows non-school through-traffic on eastbound NE 24th St to flow efficiently during these heavy traffic periods.
  3. Please do not make U-Turn on 24th between 96th and 92nd. The hill and oncoming traffic create a dangerous situation.
  4. When using the pick-up and drop-off lines, please pull forward in the “horseshoe”. This will allow us to load multiple cars at one and ensure that students are not crossing between moving cars. Please also ensure your child(ren) exit and enter vehicles on the right hand side due to passing traffic on the left. Once your student has entered/exited the vehicle, proceed left around waiting vehicles and exit the horseshoe area.
  5. The area in front of the office is the bus zone. This means the “horseshoe” is our only student pick up and drop off point unless you park your car.
  6. The adults and patrol members in the parking lot will help get your child in and out of the car as this will help keep the traffic moving.
Additional Reminders

If you park next to a red curb you may recieve a ticket for at least $124

Please respect the directions of all patrol members and staff. Failing to follow the directions of a flagger may result in a fine of at least $124

Do not use the Police/City hall parking lots or block their exits at anytime

Do not use your cellphone while driving on school property