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The Bellevue School District recognizes the importance of extra and co-curricular programs as a means to fully develop each and every participant, providing them with the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life. We, as a district, also embrace the opportunity to engage community partners in this endeavor. As we enter each school year the Bellevue School District Athletics and Activities Department works actively with our community partners at each school as a means to further our ability to provide the highest quality programming for students across the district.

As booster clubs have grown, they have provided important assistance with fundraising at each school.  It is important for all boosters to work with their building Athletic Director and ASB accountant about fundraising procedures and how they as an organization should operate.  This is vital to ensure that district policy, ASB laws, and WIAA regulations are followed.

Please be aware coaches may be members of a booster club, however, they may not hold any position of authority (except advisory) within the club.

WIAA Booster Club Info:

Team Sites

Note: Team sites are not operated by the Bellevue School District or its schools.

Bellevue  Interlake  Newport  Sammamish
Cross Country (Boys/Girls) Cross Country (Boys/Girls) Cross Country (Boys/Girls) Cross Country (Boys/Girls)
Football Football Football Football
Golf (Boys) Golf (Boys) Golf (Boys) Golf (Boys)
Soccer (Girls) Soccer (Girls) Soccer (Girls) Soccer (Girls)
Swim and Dive (Girls) Swim and Dive (Girls) Swim and Dive (Girls) Swim and Dive (Girls)
Tennis (Boys) Tennis (Boys) Tennis (Boys) Tennis (Boys)
Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball
Water Polo (Boys) Water Polo (Boys) Water Polo (Boys) Water Polo (Boys)
Cheer Cheer Cheer Cheer
Drill Drill Drill Drill
Bellevue  Interlake  Newport  Sammamish
Badminton Badminton Badminton Badminton
Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball
Softball Softball Softball Softball
Golf (Girls) Golf (Girls) Golf (Girls) Golf (Girls)
Lacrosse (Boys) Lacrosse (Boys) Lacrosse (Boys) Lacrosse (Boys)
Lacrosse (Girls) Lacrosse (Girls) Lacrosse (Girls) Lacrosse (Girls)
Soccer (Boys) Soccer (Boys) Soccer (Boys) Soccer (Boys)
Tennis (Girls) Tennis (Girls) Tennis (Girls) Tennis (Girls)
Track and Field (Boys/Girls) Track and Field (Boys/Girls) Track and Field (Boys/Girls) Track and Field (Boys/Girls)
Water Polo (Girls) Water Polo (Girls) Water Polo (Girls) Water Polo (Girls)
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.