Policy 2145 Suicide Prevention

Policy 2145
Procedure 2145P
2145P Exhibit A – Suicide Intervention and Prevention Protocol
2145P Exhibit B – Suicide Intervention Form: English (PDF) / Español (PDF) / 简体中文 (PDF)
2145P Exhibit C – Saftey Plan
2145P Exhibit D – Re-entry Meeting Guidance (Optional)


The procedure provides prevention, notification and intervention guidelines for schools. The prevention guidelines include warning signs and the intervention section outlines the District’s suicide/suicide prevention protocol, developed to ensure guidance for school personnel as well as support for the student(s), family and school. The procedure includes community resources as well as an incident reporting form and detailed flowchart as exhibits.

Policy 2150 – Co-Curricular Programs

Policy 2150
Procedure 2150P

The procedure is important because it provides guidance for all schools regarding the inclusion of curriculum related activities wholly or partly outside the school day. There is additional guidance regarding funding of these activities. The procedure outlines the specific criteria that a program must meet in order to be considered co-curricular in nature. Jeff Lowell, District Athletics and Activities Director is a good resource for any questions related to these activities.

Policy 2151 – Interscholastic Athletics

Procedure 2151
Procedure 2151P
Procedure 2151P Exh. A – Athletic Eligibility GPA Waiver Request

The procedure is important because it includes the Athletic Code, which establishes guidelines for the application of corrective actions when student athletes and participants in groups that represent our high schools exhibit behaviors that rise to the level of exceptional misconduct. The procedure contains investigation guidelines, documentation expectations, appeal rights and timelines. Another important aspect is the annual review requirement for each athletic program with a parent and athlete survey as part of that review. Jeff Lowell, District Athletics and Activities Director is a good resource for any questions related to athletics and activities.

Policy 2320 – Field Trips and Excursions

Policy 2320
Procedure 2320P
Procedure 2320P 320P Exh. A – Parent Authorization and Acknowledgement for Field Trip
Procedure 2320P 320P Exh. B – Overnight or Out of State Field Trip Application
Procedure 2320P 320P Exh. C – Parent Authorization and Acknowledgement for Out of State or Overnight Field Trip
Procedure 2320P 320P Exh. D – International Field Trip Expenses
Procedure 2320P 320P Exh. E – Out of State or Overnight Field Trip Emergency Health Form
Procedure 2320P 320P Exh. G – Driver Authorization

Overnight and/or out of state field trips require Board Approval. Send all paperwork needed for Board Approval to the Athletics Office for processing no less than 14 days before the Board meeting where approval is anticipated (40 days for international travel). No expenditures can be made until approval is granted. Jeff Lowell, District Athletics and Activities Director is a good resource in the planning of an extended field trip. A policy requirement states that the Transportation Department must approve staff members, parents and/or volunteers before driving students. Driver Authorization (Exhibit G) clears a driver from October 1 through September 30 of the following calendar year. The Athletic and Activity Department is a good resource for guidance on high-risk activities and extended field trips. (Click here to go to the BSD Field Trips page.) Yasmina Patterson in the Finance and Operations Department is another excellent resource to consult with regarding high-risk activities. Included in the 2000’s section of the board policies are the Field Trip forms.

Policy 2410 Graduation Requirements

Policy 2410
Procedure 2410P
Procedure 2410P Exh. B.1 – Sport for PE Credit
Procedure 2410P Exh. B.2 – Community Based Activities for PE Credit

It is important that all principals are aware of District graduation requirements. Important for coaches is the part of Procedure 2410P that includes a description of directed athletics for students to earn PE credit. The entire process can be found on the Athletics and Activities Department webpage. (Click here to go to the BSD Earn PE Credit page.)

Policy 3115 Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services

Policy 3115
Procedure 3115P

As required by law, the District will work with students experiencing homelessness, and their families, to provide them with equal access to the same free, appropriate education (including preschool education) given to other students. Special attention will be given to making sure of the identification, enrollment and attendance of homeless students not currently attending school, as well as lessening educational barriers to their academic success. The superintendent will establish procedures to make sure that that students experiencing homelessness and young people who meet the relevant eligibility criteria do not face barriers to accessing academic and extracurricular activities, including but not limited to summer school, career and technical education, advanced placement and online learning. Also, outstanding fines, fees or absences must not present barriers to enrollment or participation in activities for youth that qualify for support through this policy. Local liaisons will assist students experiencing homelessness with activities, such as enrolling in school and accessing school services, including free meals through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, the Fee Waiver Program, and approved co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in accordance with District policies and procedures through the district or one of its partner agencies and organizations.

Policy 3116 Students in Foster Care

Policy 3116

The board recognizes that students in foster care experience mobility in and out of the foster care system and from one home placement to another that disrupts their education, thereby creating barriers to academic success and on-time graduation. Through collaboration with state, local and/or tribal child welfare agencies, the district will strive to minimize or eliminate educational barriers for students in foster care, particularly with regard to enrollment, transfer of student records, transportation to their school of origin, review of unexpected or excessive absences, and facilitating on-time grade level progression.

Policy 3207 – Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Policy 3207
Procedure 3207P
Procedure 3207P Exh. A – Elementary HIB Reporting Form
Procedure 3207P Exh. B – Secondary HIB Reporting Form

There are specific statutory and policy timelines related to investigating and reporting results of HIB complaints. It is also important to adhere to the specific appeal timelines listed in the procedure. This is another procedure to review in detail. Glenn Hasslinger, Supervisor of Pupil Management is a good resource in interpreting legal and policy requirements. Jeff Lowell, District Athletics and Activities Director is another good resource to assist in investigations. HIB incident reporting forms included with this procedure.

Policy 3241 – Classroom Management, Corrective Actions or Punishment (Student Discipline)

Policy 3241
Procedure 3241P
Procedure 3241P Exh. A – Consequence Matrix – Elementary
Procedure 3241P Exh. B – Consequence Matrix – Secondary

The procedure articulates the District commitment to reducing the disproportional impact of out-of-school suspensions on any identifiable group of students including those with disabilities and that we will achieve our commitments through the application of positive behavior supports and principles. In 2151P, the Athletic Code allows for the application of corrective action of an athlete when their behavior reaches the level of Exceptional Misconduct as defined in 3241P. When the application of corrective action is necessary, it is important to ensure compliance with the multiple notification and appeal timelines. See the “Consequence Matrices” that serve as a guideline under this procedure. Glenn Hasslinger, Supervisor of Pupil Management is a good resource to assist with the interpretation and policy requirements. Jeff Lowell, District Athletics and Activities Director is another good resource to assist in determining sanctions commensurate with the nature of the activity, the student’s offense, honesty, and his/her own conduct, and/or other relevant factors.

Policy 3416 – Medication at School

Policy 3416
Procedure 3416P

This procedure defines how medication is administered to a student during school hours or during the hours in which the student is under supervision of school officials. Procedure 3418P outlines the procedures established for staff training, required documentation from parent/legal guardian and LHCP, administration and supervision, collection, storage, maintaining of records, life-endangering situations, self-administration and discontinuing administration.

Policy 3418 – Emergency Treatment

Policy 3418
Procedure 3418P

This procedure encourages school staff to complete first aid training and the responsibility to act in a reasonable and prudent manner in obtaining immediate care for a seriously ill or injured student and exercise professional judgment and skills in aiding an ill or injured student. Working with a school’s Athletic Trainer and/or school nurses is vital to plan intentional treatment of athletic injuries. Both are excellent resources to assist developing student health plans. The procedure 3418P also outlines necessary documentation when a student is injured.

Policy 3421 – Child Abuse, Exploitation and Neglect Prevention

Policy 3421
Procedure 3421P
Procedure 3421P Exh. A – Mandatory Report of Child Abuse
Procedure 3421P Exh. B – CPS or BPD Student Interview Documentation
Procedure 3421P Exh. C – CPS or Law Enforcement Request for Records

This procedure describes the obligation as district employees to report suspected child abuse, and legal obligation of certificated staff as a mandatory reporter to make such reports. This procedure includes reporting forms as exhibits.

Policy 3422 – Student Sports – Concussions and Head Injuries

Policy 3422
Procedure 3422P

This policy recognizes current law and guiding policies from state organizations to treat head injuries. The procedure outlines the expectations for all persons involved in athletic programming to manage head injuries/concussions. This includes working with a school’s staff to help a student manage their academic workload during recovery.

Policy 4220 – Complaints Concerning Staff and Programs and Staff

Policy 4220
Procedure 4220P

The procedure describes the District complaint process that codifies the principle that individuals should direct concerns to the person who made a decision or took action. If a complaint regarding an athletic program is formalized it is directed to the building athletic director or principals who must seek resolution and inform the complainant in writing of their decision. If this does not result in a resolution, the District Athletics and Activities Director handles the next step in the process. The final level of appeal is with an executive director of schools. It is important to note the specific timelines for responding and for appeals.

Policy 5251 – Conflicts of Interest

Policy 5251

This updated procedure provides guidelines to ensure that staff does not engage in activity or have a financial interest in an activity that is in conflict with assigned duties and/or responsibilities. A list of situations where a conflict of interest exists is included, but is not an exhaustive list.

Policy 5253 – Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Policy 5253
Procedure 5253P

This procedure provides guidelines for staff and volunteers for establishing and maintaining professional boundaries with students and parents. This procedure is written from the perspective of protecting students from any unprofessional conduct by employees and defines an inappropriate boundary invasion (where interactions between employees and students are without educational purpose and results in the abuse of the employee/student relationship). In addition, it provides a list of examples of unacceptable conduct that could result in discipline, criminal charges and a possible report to the Office of Professional Practice. A list of conduct under the heading of “Appearance of Impropriety” is also included. Neither list is an exhaustive list. Two key points are that employees are required to report incidents of unacceptable or suspected unacceptable conduct to the principal or supervisor of the employee in question and volunteers are subject to this policy.

Policy 5255 – Gifts to Staff

Policy 5255

This policy outlines the discouraging of presents from students to teachers. The policy describes what would not be considered a violation and what is encouraged in lieu of a present.

Policy 5281 – Disciplinary Action and Discharge

Policy 5281
Procedure 5281P

This policy and procedure provides guidelines regarding actions when staff fail to fulfill their job responsibilities or follow the reasonable directions of their supervisor. There is guidance included in the policy regarding what types of action may be reason for disciplinary action. The procedure also includes an outline of the process for implementing disciplinary action as well as a list of reasons for disciplinary actions. The list is not exhaustive. The procedure lists types of disciplinary actions. The collective bargaining agreement with the Bellevue Coaches Association includes this policy as the agreed upon process to follow when disciplinary action is necessary.

Policy 5630 – Volunteers

Policy 5630
Procedure 5630P

The procedure provides guidelines on the use of volunteers. The key points are that principals approve volunteers for their school, they must always work under the direction of staff members and the District Volunteer coordinators process all volunteers for approval. The management of volunteers and the training of volunteers is the responsibility of the school and volunteers are subject to the same standard for professional conduct as staff members. Jeff Lowell, District Athletics and Activities Director is a good resource to use if there are questions regarding the addition of volunteers.

Policy 6102 – District Fundraising Activities

Policy 6102
Procedure 6102P

This policy and procedure outline ways the district may raise funds to maintain programming and opportunities for students. Important to athletics is the language included regarding specific means to raise funds including sponsorships and revenue generating activity through the sale of goods or services.

Policy 6114 – Donations

Policy 6114
Procedure 6114P
Procedure 6114P Exh. A – Gifts & Donations: Cash and Cash Equivalents
Procedure 6114P Exh. B – Gifts & Donations: Personal Property

This policy outlines how the district will accept donations from the community. In the procedure are important financial levels and approval processes.

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.