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Gifted High School Program

The Bellevue School District is committed to obtaining, developing, and delivering high quality curriculum in all subject areas that supports each of our students’ unique needs. Working collaboratively, we strive to develop a curriculum that raises the achievement of all students, narrows the gap between the highest and lowest performing students, and eliminates the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories.

The expertise, insight, and creativity of our teachers are essential to the development and delivery of curriculum that meets these diverse needs. The teachers, administrators, and curriculum department share an interest in ensuring that course goals, unit goals, objectives, lessons, assessments, and materials are developed in a collaborative manner to continually improve and maintain the integrity of a high quality district curriculum

One-to-One Laptop Program

One-to-One computing offers many benefits to our modern day classroom and learner. The laptop will allow students to access learning materials and engage in real-time inquiry as their questions arise.

Curriculum Adoption

Curriculum is evaluated, adapted and developed on a continuing basis with reviews taking place at least once every seven years. Adoption committees, consisting of district staff and community members, are formed to review curriculum.

Supporting the Classroom

Curriculum Developers

Curriculum Developers collaborate with teachers to develop courses, improve and refine curriculum and assessments and anchor to the standards. Additionally, Developers stay abreast of new developments and instructional approaches in their subject area, including instructional technology and innovative instructional strategies and materials.


Instructional Technology Curriculum Leaders (ITCLs) are assigned to each school to provide training and support strong instruction and implementation of curriculum and technology programs. With devices in all secondary students hands and more devices in elementary school the ITCL helps with shifts in teaching. This including online resources (Dreambox, Amplify, Discovery Education), OneNote, SmartBoards, Synergy GradeBook, and other electronic resources.

Research Technology Specialists (RTS)

Research Technology Specialists collaborate with each classroom teacher working to integrate digital literacy skills and research strategies along with appropriate technology applications in assignments, reports, and generally within their curriculum. Both teacher and RTS work to empower students’ confidence in applying knowledge enterprise as strategic researchers accessing and synthesizing information. The RTS works with students and teachers to model through pedagogy culturally responsive and equitable teaching practices, access to information, and digital ethics contributing to our learning society as responsible digital citizens.

Curriculum Staff

All phone numbers begin (425) 456-####

PositionLast NameFirst NameEmailExtension
Chinese K-12LoMonicalom@bsd405.org4056
CTE SupervisorHenselmanMarilynhenselmanm@bsd405.org4186
Director of Curriculum and InstructionRitzLizritze@bsd405.org4108
Director of Educational Technology DuenwaldTomduenwaldt@bsd405.org4042
Director of Instructional Technology FergusonEricfergusone@bsd405.org4226
Educational TechnologyOnstotKeithonstotk@bsd405.org4645
English Language Learner CurriculumShimizuNicoleshimizun@bsd405.org4742
Executive Director of Curriculum & InstructionKautzSharonkautzs@bsd405.org4109
Gifted Elementary School ProgramBrandtDebbiebrandtd@bsd405.org4279
Gifted High School
Gifted High School
Gifted High School
Gifted K-1StroyanKrististroyank@bsd405.org4698
Gifted SupervisorMcHughLoramchughl@bsd405.org4136
Information LiteracyRobertsElizabethrobertse@bsd405.org4269
Language Arts 6-12WellingtonCathywellingtonc@bsd405.org4158
Literacy K-5NelsonEricnelsone@bsd405.org4126
Math 5-8NhanBettynhanb@bsd405.org4096
Math 8-12TakleMarytaklem@bsd405.org4164
Math K-5BrewerSarahbrewersa@bsd405.org4219
PE/Health 6-12MarcumTorimarcumt@bsd405.org7591
PE/Health K-5NordstromMarynordstromm@bsd405.org4920
Science K-12DiLoretoAngiediloretoa@bsd405.org4163
Social and Emotional LearningPowellWendypowellw@bsd405.org4165
Social and Emotional LearningPetersonRandipetersonr@bsd405.org4049
Social Studies K-12SheltonPattysheltonp@bsd405.org4275
Special Education K-12MayesRebeccamayesr@bsd405.org4623
Visual and Performing ArtsWilbertMarkwilbertm@bsd405.org4203
Visual ArtsHollowayJessicahollowayj@bsd405.org4203
World LanguageGranvilleParisgranvillep@bsd405.org4051