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Math Developers

Dianne Gallawa – Elementary Math and Science

Paul Conley – Middle School Math

Mary Takle – High School Math

May 19 BSD Mathematics – Philosophy and Evolution Community Event: Please join us on May 19 to hear about the work in BSD to modernize and enhance our current P-12 math system and to have your voice shared. Learn more about this event.


The purpose of P-7 Mathematics Instructional Materials Adoption Committee is to carry out the instructional materials selection process and make a recommendation to the Instructional Materials Committee based on objective evidence gathered during this process.

The adoption committee will create a P-12 vision for mathematics in Bellevue and with the assistance of inside and outside expertise, will recommend an instructional material to support students learning math in Bellevue School District.

Approximately 150 P-12 educators are participating in a professional learning series with Dr Phil Daro.  Those educators participating in professional learning will be given priority consideration in serving on the P-7 Adoption Committee.

Committee Composition

The development of a shared instructional vision and analysis of current core and supplemental materials will necessitate the engagement of a wide and diverse group of stakeholders. The representation on the P-7 Adoption Committee is as follows:

  • 2 Facilitators – Teaching and Learning Directors, Elementary and Middle School
  • 24 Elementary Educators – 4 per grade
  • 10 Middle School Educators – 5 per grade
  • 2 Administrators, Elementary
  • 1 Administrator, Middle School
  • 6 Parent/Family/Community Representatives – 5 Elementary and 1 Middle School
  • 7 Teaching and Learning Department Staff