Patty Shelton

K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Developer
(425) 456-4275

Purpose and Objective

The committee will select two programs to pilot. They will evaluate pilot data and recommend materials to adopt for implementation fall 2016.  A recommendation will be made by the adoption committee and presented to the Instructional Materials Committee (IMC). The IMC will review the recommendation and then make a recommendation to the School Board for adoption.

Committee Membership

The committee will carry on the adoption process and make the curriculum adoption recommendation by consensus based up on agreed upon criteria and evidence gathered during the process.  The committee will include one high school Foundations and/or World History teacher per BSD high school, one parent, and one high school administrator.  The committee facilitator will be Patty Shelton, K-12 Instructional Technology and Curriculum Developer, K-12 Social Studies.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend scheduled meetings
  • Communicate with adoption team members  and teachers within each respective building
  • Assist in analyzing teacher and student data