May 19 BSD Mathematics – Philosophy and Evolution Community Event: Please join us on May 19 to hear about the work in BSD to modernize and enhance our current P-12 math system and to have your voice shared. Learn more about this event.

To affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world requires that every student receives an equitable education. A cornerstone of educational equity is high-quality instruction through grade-level standards access. In order to serve each and every student academically, it is critical that curricular content is standards-aligned and educators are offered opportunities to deepen their knowledge of standards.

Beginning March 2021, Bellevue’s Teaching and Learning Department will engage interested educators in professional dialogue and learning regarding Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. A depth of knowledge in the standards will set the stage for authoring a shared instructional vision for Mathematics, P-12. This work will necessitate analysis of current core and supplemental instructional materials and may result in a P-7 curriculum adoption. The partnership of our educator colleagues, students and families will be key as we move forward in learning and serving our students together.

Professional Learning Schedule and Session Resources
Bellevue School District Priorities: High-Quality Instruction, Student Well-Being, Exceptional Staff, Climate and Culture, Family and Community, Organizational Alignment, Affirm, Inspire, and Thrive.

Have questions on the P-12 Mathematics Update, please email:

Directors of Teaching and Learning:

Jen Benson – Elementary

Eric Ferguson – Middle School

Scott Powers – High School

Math Developers:

Dianne Gallawa – Elementary Math and Science

Paul Conley – Middle School Math

Mary Takle – High School Math