Keep Your Math Skills Sharp This Summer

Use the materials below to build confidence in your classroom experience. These resources cover about 30 percent of the content taught for Integrated Math Topics 1 (IMT1), Integrated Math Topics 2 (IMT2), and Algebra 1. Please note, completion of these practice problems does not indicate mastery of the content needed to satisfy course requirements.

Build Your Confidence and Get Ready for IMT2

Use what you learned in IMT1 to practice the skills needed for IMT2.

IMT1 Summer Math

Be Ready for Algebra 1, Enhance Your Skill Set

Use these materials to strengthen your IMT2 skills as you prepare for Algebra 1.

IMT2 Summer Math

Prepare for Geometry and Algebra 2

Keep your Algebra 1 skills sharp as you prepare for Geometry and Algebra 2.

Algebra 1 Summer Math