All Bellevue School District Students have access to books, eBooks, and audiobooks through their KCLS library accounts which also have a mobile phone feature. Additionally, Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books, Third Place Books and the University Book Store have community reading programs that students can participate in.

King County Library System (KCLS)

King County Library System offers a variety of events, programs and reading lists to keep you reading all through summer.

Seattle Public Library (SPL)

Summer of Learning for Kids offers a Summer Action Guide filled with fun games, puzzles and activities for summer, free book giveaways and more, all summer long.

Every summer the Seattle Public Library plays Teen Book Bingo. Download or pick up a Teen Book Bingo card at your local library starting June 15.

Half Priced Books

Kids 14 years of age or younger, or 8th grade and under, can participate in the Feed Your Brain Reading Program. To learn more, visit the Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program page or download the PDF.