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One-to-One computing offers many benefits to our modern day classroom and learner.  Bellevue’s expectation is that the student will have their computing device (laptop) with them for use in all their classes and for continued use at home.  The laptop will allow students to access learning materials and engage in real-time inquiry as their questions arise.  Adaptive learning software has evolved to a point that students can track their own learning and have confidence in their progress. Laptops also support Problem-Based Learning, allowing students to research, collaborate, and produce a final product to share with peers, teachers and parents.

apParent Online

The Bellevue School District has worked with AssistX Education to make the mobile app, apParent Online, available to you at no cost. The app will allow you to monitor and manage your child’s district issued laptop. apParent Online is available for Android and iOS devices.

For more information, please see Student Device Monitoring for Families.

Why One-to-One?

Having the students take their laptops home provides several advantages. Once students leave the school campus, they are exposed to a different set of tools at home.  Some have equivalent technology, though not the same software; others have faster, more powerful computers and become frustrated with the school devices; others have no technology at home and are limited in what they can do after the school day.  By issuing students the same laptops we hope to make technology access and learning opportunities equitable.  All students have the same tools aligned with teaching and designed to best support their learning.

From the teachers’ perspective, a major advantage is that students are ready to start learning when the bell rings.  Laptops no longer have to be handed out on a daily basis.  Ten to twenty minutes of instruction time is lost each time a laptop has to be passed out and collected.

Strengthen 21st Century Skills by preparing students for college, career and life

24/7 Learning

Creating richer, deeper learning experience for students

Access to Curriculum and Online Assessments


Create Digital Citizens

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will the devices be distributed?

Schools plan to provide students with their laptop during the first few days of school.  Students and parent need to sign a Student Use Agreement prior to receiving their device

Will the school provide a case and/or accessories for the device?

The School will provide the each student with a Lenovo Yoga computer, powercord and case.  We need ALL students to always transport their computer in the case to minimize damage that might occur.

What are the specs and configuration of the device?
  • 4th Gen Intel Core i5-4200U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.60GHz)
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64
  • 12.5″ FHD (1920×1080) Multitouch display
  • 4GB RAM
  • Backlit Keyboard Backlit – US English
  • 720p HD Camera
  • 128 GB Solid State Drive Hard drive
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless 7260AC with Bluetooth 4.0
What apps will be preloaded on the devices?

We have loaded most of the applications that students have had access at school, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) Smart Notebook, Adobe Reader.

Is there an acceptable use policy (AUP)? Where can I find it?

Yes. All families will read and sign the Acceptable Use Procedures.

What is my family’s responsibility in monitoring what my child does on the device at home?

Just as families monitor what TV shows student’s watch, they need to have the same expectation for computer use.  The good general rule,  the student should be ok with a parent/teacher looking over their shoulder at ANY time.  If the student would not want their teacher/parent  seeing the website or document, then they should not be there.

Will the device need to be connected to the Internet to complete homework assignments?

The Bellevue School District realizes that not all families have internet access in their homes and teachers should not expect that students can complete an online assignment overnight.  However, the  OneDrive storage device will allow students to access ALL their files off-line so they can complete assignments and then turn them in when they arrive to school each day.  The school also has tutorial and  after school time that students can remain on campus and access the BSD network.

Can my child and I configure or personalize the device in any way?

We have attempted to create a student image and will limit what students can configure.

What are the expectations around using the tablet at home? Is it just for school work or can my child use it for personal or entertainment reasons?

The device is for your child and their learning for school, you can use it periodically for personal use, however, it is for student use.

Who else can use my child’s device?

This  device is for your student.  Other family members can periodically use the device with the student’s username and password.

Will students have email or other accounts?

YES, with Office 365, students will have a email.  Middle school students are restricted to emailing students and teachers within the Bellevue School District.  High school students can email students and teachers within the Bellevue School District, as well as outside the district.

How can I access or view my child’s digital work?

Students should share with you their login and password so that you can access their OneDrive folder and access their BrightSpace account.

Will we have access to the school’s online content outside of the school day?

YES, teachers will use different resources, BrightSpace, OneNote to work on assignments from home.

Is the school using a content filter for Internet browsing?

The Bellevue School District is required to filter the content for all students.  This is for any device that the student uses on the BSD network.  The students with BSD laptops will ALSO be filtered on that device at ALL times.  So some sites and images will not be accessible to students.

We realize that not all sites/images will be filtered and that is why we also want to teach students about what is appropriate use for both in school and at home.

Is there a way I can have similar filtering options at home?

YES, students machines will filter content at both home and school.

How are students and staff being trained for this 1-to-1 rollout?

All staff part of the pilot have received their new laptop this past spring and have begun learning about the features and ways to use this new device in their classrooms.

Students will also learn about the basic operating functions on the day they receive their laptop, and then schools will continue to educate students on appropriate use and applications throughout the year.

Will there be ongoing education for parents and caregivers?

Yes, we would like to have parent nights to help parents learn more about the laptop and the way they can support their student.

What are some basic tablet functions that I should know about (e.g., saving, data backup, printing)?

The laptop is a 2 in 1-  a laptop and a tablet, there is a stylus (pen) for the students to ink with.  This is important to not lose.  The computer has a hard drive, however we are asking students to save all their files to the “cloud” (OneDrive) so they will never lose any of their work.  OneDrive also will allow them to access these files from any computer that has internet access.

How will students learn to use the device and apps?

Each school plans to teach students to use the laptop and apps throughout the year.  It could be helpful for parents to ask their students what they have learned recently and for them to teach their parents.

How and where should devices be stored/cared for at home?

Families should find a safe place at home, where the laptop can be charged each night.  Families should also set times when the computer should be off and away. Students should not be unsupervised while using the computer.  The kitchen/ living room is a good place.

General rule-  students should be ok with anyone looking at their computer screen at anytime.

What is my family’s responsibility for loss or breakage in school, out of school or both?

Families are responsible for the device and will be expected to pay the replacement cost for power charges, stylus , damages, and/or loss.  There will be up to a $100 charge.  The district reserves the right to charge the full cost of replacement.

Is there an insurance plan for devices bought by families and/or devices loaned to families by non-bsd schools or district? (Examples: Personal laptop or cell phone)

At this time we do not have an insurance plan.

What are the school’s disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?

This will be new territory, and we always want to have student’s learn from their mistakes, however, this does not permit them to bully or harass any other person. We also have a philosophy of progressive discipline, so if a student does the same inappropriate act twice there will be a more significant consequence.  The consequences could be loss of use, or even suspension for inappropriate use.

How do any disciplinary consequences extend beyond the school day and off-campus?

Yes, appropriate use is for all the time a student is using the device, at home or at school.  If bullying/ sexual harassment occurs we could also contact local law enforcement.  Any action that makes any person feel unsafe to attend school, needs to be addressed.

How will schoolwork be affected if my child loses the privilege to use the device?

In the case that a student’s device is taken away, they will still have access at school and teachers will be notified that the student does not have the device at home.

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