Important: Online Student Data Verification is not available for pre-school families at this time.

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Annually, parents and guardians are required to verify their student’s data. Parents and guardians of enrolled BSD students are able to complete this process electronically via ParentVUE. They can:

  • Fill out student demographic update forms
  • Complete school nurse health information updates
  • Update contact information
  • Edit, update and add emergency contacts
  • Upload documents to submit to their student(s) school(s)

Parents and guardians must update their student(s) data through this process in order to access all student information via ParentVUE. Once the process has been completed by one family member, access to ParentVUE will be available.

Why Online Student Data Verification?

By updating student’s data, we can communicate academic progress to the appropriate contacts, distribute important information as needed, contact families in emergency situations, and respond to a medical situation appropriately. It is imperative that we ensure that all information is current, accurate and complete.

Advantages of Online Student Data Verification

  • This feature provides an option for families to verify their student’s enrollment information online via ParentVUE. The online option supports our culture of service in the ease of use for families to verify and update this information.
  • If families choose to verify this information online they will save time by only having to update emergency contact, demographics and other pertinent info once, instead of per student.
  • Most information will also be pre-populated. So if no changes are needed, families can verify, fill-in any blanks and submit.
  • Families will have the ability to do this anywhere, on any device via ParentVUE.
  • To support equity and inclusion for all families, computer kiosks are stationed at all 29 schools, plus 3 kiosks at the BSD Student Placement office where parents can also verify this information.
  • It is important for families’ information to be up-to-date because BSD will use the information provided by this annual verification process to support student’s academic success and safety.
  • This process improves data accuracy, significantly reduces papers and streamlines the verification process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login?

If you have an active ParentVUE account, you can log in to the online student data verification system through this account.  Upon your first login, each parent will be directed through the steps to complete the process.  Only one parent per family needs to complete this process, but each ParentVUE account will direct you to online student data verification until the process is completed.

After initial completion, you may return to the online student data verification system to make changes throughout the school year.  All changes will be routed to the appropriate school level staff member for review and entry into the student database.  To go back to the online student data verification system, visit the Online Student Data Verification tab in ParentVUE.

If you experience any issues logging in or other technical issues please contact the Parent Help Desk at [email protected].

What if I haven't logged in or activated my ParentVUE account before?

If you haven’t logged in to your ParentVUE account before, contact the Parent Help Desk at [email protected]. They will provide a ParentVUE activation code to set-up your account.

Can I enroll a new student?

No. This verification process is currently available for students in grades K-12 who are enrolled at one of the 18 elementary, 5 middle, 2 choice or 4 high schools.

Can I verify my student’s data at home?

Yes. You can verify your student’s data on any device via ParentVUE at We recommend completing the process using a desktop or laptop.

Can I verify my student’s data in the ParentVUE mobile app?

No. At this time the ParentVUE mobile app doesn’t support the student data verification functionality. During the school year you may continue to use the app to check your student’s school information, grades, class schedule, attendance, immunization records and progress reports.

Where can I go to update this information if I don't have internet access?

To support equity and inclusion for all families, computer kiosks are stationed at all 29 schools, plus 3 kiosks at the BSD Student Placement office. Each kiosk also includes a multifunction printer/scanner that you can use to scan required documentation.

If each parent/guardian has an account, do we both need to verify our student's data?

Only one parent/guardian needs to complete the verification process. However, until the process is complete and one parent or guardian has submitted the changes, all accounts will be directed to verify their student’s data. Once a submission occurs, then all parents/guardians can access their ParentVUE accounts directly.

Can I still submit my verification by paper?

Yes. If you choose to verify your student’s information by paper you can do so by contacting the main office at your student’s school.

If I submit a paper entry, how do I dismiss the pop-up message in ParentVUE?

You won’t be able to dismiss the pop-up message if you choose to use paper. We are currently working on a solution with the vendor to address this issue.

Why am I getting the following message: ''There are no students to register for the selected school year''?

This verification process is not currently available if your student is in preschool or an alternate learning program (e.g. BSD Credit Recovery, Central Education Services, Grad Alliance Program, Transition Program).

What if I can't finish the verification process in one session?

You may start the verification process and return later. Simply log back into ParentVUE and click on the Resume Verification button. If you’d like to clear your previous entries, click on the Start Over button. We recommend gathering all supporting information before getting started. Depending on your unique situation, this may include proof of address change documents, emergency contact names/numbers and immunization records.

How do I scan required documentation?

You may take photos of supporting materials, email them to yourself and then upload the files when prompted. App stores also offer scanner apps that work with many smartphones and tablets. Additionally, kiosks located at all the schools and the BSD Student Placement office have a multifunction printer/scanner that you are welcome to use. For the annual verification process, supporting documentation is only required if you entered a new home address. Uploading legal documents (e.g. parenting plans, custody agreements, protection orders, legal name change documents) is optional. You can also bring a hard-copy of any required or optional documentation to your student’s school.

I haven't received a confirmation or status email. Did you receive my verification?

If you completed the verification process, you will receive a “submission received” email. Once staff members finish reviewing and processing your verification, you will receive a follow-up “process completed” email. You may need to check your junk or spam folders for emails from

Who can verify my student's information?

Parents/guardians are authorized to verify data for students who live with them (their primary address matches yours).

If one parent/guardian started the verification process already, can the other parent/guardian finish the process for the family?

Whomever starts the verification process will need to finish the process. If that person does not want to finish the process, they can log back in to ParentVUE and click the Start Over option when prompted in the Online Student Data Verification screen, then log out. After that happens, the other parent/guardian can log in to the system and begin the process or click Start Over themselves if they’ve already started and were blocked from continuing because the other parent had already started the process.

If parents/guardians are separated are there security measures in place to ensure each one can only change their own information?

Yes. Parents/guardians who live in separate households will only have access to change their own information and cannot alter that of the other parent/guardian

How secure is my student's data?

Ensuring our student data is secure is very important to the Bellevue School District. Synergy Online Student Data Verification provides the highest level of privacy and security in compliance with FERPA and HIPAA requirements. It is maintained with security controls as described in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standards Publication (SP) 800-26, Security Self-Assessment Guide for Information Technology Systems. To ensure security, confidentiality and integrity of data, it includes firewall protection and protection from network attacks or other malicious, harmful or disabling actions.

Why am I getting automatically logged out?

For your security, ParentVUE will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. A pop-up warning gives you approximately 30 seconds to decide whether to stay logged in or to logout. At any time, you may logout and return later.

What resources are available for families?

Written instructions are available on the district website and at the BSD kiosks. A short how-to video is also available online. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our Parent Video and Parent Guide are available to help you through the annual verification process. A hard-copy of the Parent Guide is also available at the kiosks located at all the schools and the BSD Student Placement office.

If I have questions who can I contact?

If you have questions you may contact your student’s elementary office manager, or middle or high school registrar.  If you experience any issues logging in or other technical issues please contact the Parent Help Desk at [email protected].

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