Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Log In

Visit https://touchbase.bsd405.org/

User Name is Student ID #

Password is Student’s last name starting with a Capital

Note: If your student already has an ID# do not log in as a guest. Ask for their ID# and use that.

Step 2: Choose Student

Click anywhere in the grey box that contains your student’s name.

Step 3: Purpose of Visit

Touchbase screen capture

You have a few options to choose from. Some fees may be posted to your account automatically and will appear inside a red alert box. You can click the red view button to see these fees. But for this example, we will be shopping for an ASB Card and will select Items at Student’s School.

Step 4: Choose Category and Item

Select the appropriate Category of the item you would like to purchase

Click buy on the item you would like to purchase

Step 5: Review Order

Review your order and click Checkout.

You will not be charged a convenience fee.

Step 6: Payment Information

Enter your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card information and click the Pay Now Button

Step 7: Print Receipt

Click the receipt button to print a receipt.