Timesaver: We encourage you to review the information below for self-service assistance with the most common technology questions, concerns or challenges students might encounter during remote learning. We update the page regularly as new trends are identified and as new resources are developed.

Topics on this page:

I am concerned about issues of privacy and consent when students are captured in teacher’s recorded lessons.

Some teachers record lessons so that whoever missed the lesson has an opportunity to listen and watch later. The recordings are available to students and staff who have access to a teacher’s classroom Team. Here are some suggestions for alleviating concerns about showing a student’s home environment in recorded lessons:

  1. Students can change their background for Teams meetings by blurring the background or using an image. Learn how.
  2. Students can turn off their cameras when lessons are recorded.

How do I login to Clever on my student’s iPad?

Login to Clever on student iPads either by showing a badge or by entering username/password. Step-by-step instructions (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

What is my ParentVUE activation key?

Contact parenthelp@bsd405.org if you don’t have an activation key. Many families think they need an activation key but they have already created an account and have an active username and password. If you can’t remember the username, please contact parenthelp@bsd405.org. If you cannot remember the password, please try the Forgot Password option to reset the password.

How do I monitor my student’s online behavior?

You can check your student’s online behavior using an application called apParent Online. Activation emails were sent to new families and all elementary families at approximately 6:00 p.m. on Sep. 3. If you did not receive an apParent Online activation email, contact parenthelp@bsd405.org. The app only works for district-issued laptops. It is not available on district-issued iPads. For more information, visit Student Device Monitoring for Families.

My student’s device is constantly freezing in Teams. What do I do?

We are experiencing a number of reported issues with laptops freezing during Microsoft Teams meetings. Some scheduled tasks are designed to run after school hours, but if they get missed, they will run during class. This is causing Teams to freeze or display a “not responding” message. Please follow these steps to fix how the tasks are run on your laptop: Steps to Fix the Freezing Teams Issue (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

My student is unable to join a Teams meeting. What do I do?

We are experiencing a number of reported instances when students could not join their Microsoft Teams meetings. They may encounter a message that says, “Sorry, your company policy prevents you from joining this call.” These steps should fix the issue:

  1. In the Channel listing, click on hidden channels, click on each hidden channel, then
  2. Click on Show to show the channel in your Channel list

Repeat these steps for each hidden channel. Once the Channel with the meeting shows in your list, you can join from the Calendar or directly from the Channel.

Unhide Teams Channels

My student is unable to access content that should be available. What do I do?

We have experienced issues with our LightSpeed Relay Filter where students are unable to access web content that should be available (Teams sites, staff portal, outside websites, etc.). You may encounter a block message similar to the one below. An update has been pushed out that has reached most student computers, but sometimes a restart may be needed. If this does not resolve the issue, contact parenthelp@bsd405.org.


Where do I find my student’s Teams meeting links?

You can find all of the links to your student’s Teams meetings under Calendar.

How to Access a Calendar of Class and Individual Teams Meetings

Tips for optimizing your Internet connection

  • Use a wired connection or relocate as close to your router or modem as possible.
  • Reboot your router, modem and device (at least weekly).
  • Turn off extra Wi-Fi-enabled devices when not in use (e.g. security cameras, doorbells, extra phones, tablets, TVs, printers, audio players, baby monitors, speakers).
  • Turn off file-syncing services (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) on other Wi-Fi-enabled devices when not in use.

Network security and privacy

The Bellevue School District uses online security measures to protect the safety and security of all students. We understand this may create challenges for a few students, however, the policies and procedures are designed to safeguard our network and user accounts.

When we purchase technology tools and applications, we have the vendor sign a Data Privacy Agreement in order to keep our students’ information safe. We published a comprehensive list of the instructional applications (PDF) that teachers use as learning resources to guide, support and enhance student learning.

Using personal devices for remote learning

  • We will issue devices to all students in the district. If you choose to use a personal device and experience technical issues while accessing remote learning tools and resources, we will do our best to provide support and resolve your specific issue. We can provide tips and recommendations but cannot install software or change your settings.
  • In accordance with the Student Technology Acceptable Use Procedure (2022P (PDF)), students are prohibited from attempting to conceal Internet activity and from attempting to bypass or evade techniques used to bypass filters. Students connecting to Office 365 on a personal device that uses software and/or hardware that obscures their location may be locked out of their account.

Broken/lost stylus or power adapter

If your stylus or power adapter is lost or damaged, you may visit the Tech Centers at Sammamish High School or Newport High School to pick-up a replacement. If you are unable to visit, please contact us at parenthelp@bsd405.org. In accordance with our Student Laptop & Accessory Damage Guidelines (Word Online), students are financially responsible for lost or damaged items. Applicable charges will be applied to students’ accounts to replace lost or damaged items.

Last reviewed October 5, 2020