What is Freckle?

Freckle is an online learning platform that allows elementary students to practice math at their own level. Teachers are also using it as an assessment tool this year (instead of Start Math). Freckle continuously adapts to each student’s individual skill, so students are getting the appropriate challenge for where they are – at, above or below grade level. If a student gets stuck, Freckle gives them tips and videos that offer support when needed.

Freckle is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and provides teachers with precise information about where your student is in their mathematical learning progression.

What purpose does Freckle serve?

Freckle is a diagnostic assessment. A diagnostic is used to identify key gaps in student learning relative to the grade level standards within each math domain. The information gained from Freckle guides instructional decisions made by classroom Educators.

Why is this important?

Knowing where a student’s learning is within a math domain will guide an educator in planning small group and/or individualized instruction for students.

How much time should my student be spending in Freckle?

Instead of having students work for a prescribed amount of time as suggested by Freckle, we are shifting our recommendations to be more student based. While working in Freckle’s Adaptive Pathway, a student may encounter a question that they do not know how to solve and the hints and supports offered by Freckle may not be enough to move them forward. This is because they have reached their instructional level. In this scenario, the student will require small group or individualized instruction by their classroom Educator in order to move them forward.

If a student is not able to proceed in Freckle, they should discontinue so as to not become frustrated. Continuation at a level of frustration will impact a student’s disposition toward math.

Once an Educator has had the opportunity to provide instruction at the students’ level and feels confident in their mastery, the Educator should direct the student to return to the Adaptive Pathway to continue. This will monitor the students’ progress through the standards and inform the Educator on the standard(s) they are ready to learn next.

Getting started

When a student logs into Freckle for the first time, they see an assignment from their teacher to complete adaptive work in a specific domain.

  • K-2 students select From My Teacher
  • 3-5 students click on the backpack icon

The first Freckle assignment is an assessment of 10 to 12 questions that will place students at their appropriate learning level.*

*Parents: It is crucial that students finish this assessment without support.

Completing this assessment independently will ensure that your student is placed at the most appropriate level.

After completing the first independent assessment:

  • Students log into Freckle
  • Click on Math
  • Select adaptive practice and the domain they are working in

For example:

5th graders are starting the year learning about fractions and their work should be in the Fractions domain during their regular daily practice.

Where does Freckle fit within the Math instructional block?

Freckle does not replace Math Expressions, Bellevue’s core math curriculum.  Math Expressions and Freckle should work in tandem. Grade level standards are taught via Math Expressions. Math Expressions doesn’t always provide what students need – below grade level or beyond grade level. Therefore, Freckle provides standards-based assessment data to identify what students need, as well as the tools to group students and provide differentiated instruction.

Student’s use of Freckle does not replace the valuable and important instruction provided by a classroom educator. Freckle’s role is to identify student learning gaps and progress monitor proficiency as the classroom educator intervenes and facilitates targeted instruction.

The afternoon asynchronous time of the instructional day provides space for meeting with small groups of students in need of accelerated learning opportunities.

How do students log in to Freckle?

Students log in via Clever (http://www.clever.com/in/bsd405) and click on the Freckle icon.

Grades K-2 student dashboard

  • When students log in the first time, they will select their avatar.
  • Assignments from the teacher have a red dot. This indicates priority.
  • Select Math (Math Adaptive Pathway) or From my teacher. (Students have access to the ELA Adaptive Pathway, but this is not BSD’s resources for ELA practice.)

Grades 3-5 student dashboard

  • When students log in for the first time, they will select their avatar.
  • Students set personal goals on accuracy or minutes of use.
  • The tracker/backpack allows students to monitor their own progress and growth.
  • They can check their accuracy on assignments, review goals and check their time spent on Freckle.
  • Students can click the To-Do to see assignments from their teacher. The red dot indicates priority.

All K-5 students earn digital “coins” for their correct answers in Freckle. Once they have completed a level or earned a certain number of coins, they can visit the “Piggy Store” to purchase decorations for their avatar, such as t-shirts, wigs, and accessories.

What additional supports can I offer my student to practice at home?

As partners in the educational process, we acknowledge that families often seek additional activities for their students. Please see below for further information regarding resources and directions for their use if you are looking for addition resources that students can use at home.

District Supported – Freckle: Freckle offers additional learning materials, such as Inquiry Based Lessons, Targeted Practice, Fact Practice, etc., which classroom Educators may assign.

Optional Family Directed Learning – Khan Academy: If a student wants to pursue further independent learning at home, they would be welcome to sign up for a free account with Khan Academy. This is not intended to be a part of the student’s instructional day but is a resource for families desiring additional work outside of school. Instructions for creating a student and/or parent account and logging in to these accounts can be found here.

  • Pre-school – 1st grade students can access Khan Kids.
  • Grades 2 – 5 should access Khan Academy directly.

Aligning work done in Freckle to Khan Academy:

  1. In Freckle, the student should select the domain they are working within so they can see their Adaptive Pathway. They will want to note the name of the lesson they are on. For example, this student is on Multiplication Properties.Sample Freckle page
  2. Navigate to Khan Academy and search for the same topic.

Additional help with Freckle

Need more help using Freckle? Please explore the resources below.

Freckle Support Center

Includes frequently asked questions and troubleshooting advice for your student’s Freckle account.

Freckle Training Webinars

On-demand recordings to watch anytime.

Email se-support@freckle.com if trouble persists or you encounter any glitches.

Last reviewed October 23, 2020

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