Bellevue School District will resume rental of its school facilities beginning October 1, 2022, to allow time for schools to schedule their events.  Please submit Building Use Applications to

For questions, please contact the Community Use Office at  (425) 456-4500

Beginning in June, Newport High School’s indoor facilities are not available for rental for up to 2-3 years due to construction.

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Community users must fill out a Building Use Application. Applications may be obtained online, at schools or at the Community Use Office. Community users turn in application to the chosen school. Applicant will receive a signed copy as confirmation, and an estimate of fees.

A non-refundable processing fee of $20 will be invoiced for each application received.

Insurance is required for all school facility use. A Certificate of Insurance and an Additional Insured Endorsement will be required before confirmation of your rental.  For specific coverages and requirements, please contact the Community Use Office at 425-456-4500. The District does not provide insurance but we can help provide information on how to obtain it.

For information about renting a performing arts center, please visit the PAC page. For information on kitchen usage, contact Nutrition Services.

Extended Use

The District may allow, at its discretion, extended and frequent uses of its facilities at special reduced fees. Agreements are contracted at the Community Use Office and users must meet the terms defined in procedure 4260.3P.

Educational Service Center (ESC) and Wilburton Instructional Service Center (WISC)

View the ESC and WISC Room Reservations Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a room at a school?

If you would like to rent a room at a school, contact the school in question directly UNLESS you would like to rent the high school’s Performing Arts Center (PAC.) For all PAC use, visit the Performing Arts Centers page.If the room(s) is available, a “Building Use Application” must then be filled out and turned in to reserve the space.

Where can I get a rental application?

“Building Use Application” may be found online, at schools or Facilities District offices.

What is the capacity for the commons or multi-purpose room?

Each school has several large areas for rent and all are different sizes (capacity). Our website has a breakdown of the different areas and their capacity based on the school.

What is the seating capacity of the PAC?

Each PAC has different seating capacity. Visit the Performing Arts Centers website to review all HS PAC and their sizes.

Can I put up signs advertising my event prior to the event?

No advanced advertising is allowed for non-school events. Signage is allowed on the day of the event and must be removed upon departure.

If it snows or if schools close early, will my event be allowed to go on?

If schools have a delayed start, events will continue. If schools close early, all events for that day are canceled. If the District closes schools on a Friday due to inclement winter weather, all events for that night and the following weekend are canceled. This includes all school and community events.

Are there band risers, choir risers or stage sections?

These items are available for additional fees.

Are there tables and chairs that I can use?

Schools have a limited supply of tables and chairs available for use in certain areas such as commons, cafeterias and gyms. Advance set-up layouts may be required. Performing Arts Centers have specific equipment forms for each school and allowances for use.

Why is the processing fee appearing on my invoice after I authorized it to be paid on my credit card when I turned in the application?

Cash and credit cards are processed differently. If the processing fee is presented via a credit card, we use that as an authorization to go forward with the processing of the whole event, invoicing all charges at once regardless of intended payment method. Cash or checks must be processed upon receipt.

Is the kitchen or its equipment available for use?

Use of kitchen and/or its equipment are restricted by state laws. Any use requires Nutrition Services staff and additional fees apply. Contact the District’s Nutrition Services for specifics.

Can I have an inflatable bounce house/room or jump & slide at my event?

No. Our insurance policy does not allow equipment use of these types.

Are there microphones (PA system) or projectors available for use? Does it cost?

Generally, no technology equipment is granted use by community users. If special permission is given, schools may make available certain systems. Additional fees and staff are required.

Can I get internet access?

Yes. Guest wireless internet access is available at all BSD school facilities after school and weekends only. During summer it is all day every day except at those schools where summer-school is being held. In that case the former applies.

Can I set up credit card readers? (Point of sale device)

We no longer have ‘plug-in’ capability for users. It can be done, if you have the means, through wireless devices.

Can I rent the covered play areas at the schools? (Primarily middle and elementary schools)

No. Covered areas are a first come first serve basis and commercial use is not allowed.

Are tennis courts available for rent or reservation?

No. Our tennis courts are available to the public during non-school hours and/or events on a first come first serve basis only. Commercial use is not allowed.

Is the track available for individual use?

Yes. School tracks can be used if they are not being used by the school or a community renter. Keys may be rented from schools with enclosed tracks (usually high schools.) Contact the school in question directly.

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.