From February 22 through February 26, there will be no in-person services and all classes will be provided remotely.
In-person services resume Monday, March 1, 2021.

Dear Bellevue School District families, 


We know much of the focus around school this year is about remote learning and re-opening school buildings. I want to thank our educators and our families for coming together and working hard to keep our students focused and meet their needs, especially around social emotional well being, meals and technology supports. 


This global pandemic has affected our district and other school districts around the nation. Our enrollment dropped lower than we had anticipated this year. Our district saw a 3.5 percent reduction in enrollment – more than 800 students. While our enrollment has decreased, the cost to educate students has not decreased.


While we were prepared for a slight drop in revenue because of expected flat enrollment and changes in the state school funding, the global pandemic has enlarged the funding shortfall. All of these factors together, along with the increased COVID-19 costs to re-open school buildings, means the district is looking at a budget shortfall of nearly $30 million over the next two years. 


We are not alone. Districts across the state and nation are facing similar shortfalls due to reduced enrollment. We also know that with every crisis comes an opportunity. We will face this together to seek innovative solutions.   


To help us determine solutions, BSD created the Superintendent Community Advisory Council (S-CAC) in September. The Advisory Committee is made up of a group of community members who represent the diversity and uniqueness of our district. They will help us problem solve and create a plan that focuses on our students while also making sure we remain fiscally stable and keep us accountable to the community. 


We must make difficult choices and cut our spending districtwide. We also must think differently and design better solutions for students now and in the future. Our Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Superintendent in early 2021, with budget decisions finalized in the spring.  


For more information on our budget and process, visit     


Bellevue School District is committed to affirming and inspiring each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world.  


Thank you, 

Bellevue School District