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Purpose: This web page will provide regular updates to the Bellevue Community related to our engagement with our professional educators, represented by the Bellevue Education Association. Regular updates will be provided as we collectively navigate the challenges all of us face in serving our students both in-person and remotely.

Update for March 29, 2021

Certificated Staff Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Impact of the Pandemic of Coronavirus for Spring 2021 and the Remainder of the School Year (PDF): English | Español | 简体中文

BEA and BSD Reach Agreement on School Schedules for the Remainder of the School Year

After the most challenging circumstances we have faced as educators, Bellevue School District (BSD) and Bellevue Education Association, (BEA), the educators’ union, reached agreement Friday night on the last remaining bargaining issues for the remainder of the school year. Later this week more specific details will be shared.

Elementary Schedules (Pre-K through 5th Grade)

The elementary school schedules for hybrid students will continue as they currently are in the two-hour day, half-day schedule through the remainder of the school year. Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will continue with their in-person transitions as determined by each elementary school. All elementary grades are scheduled to be in person by Monday, April 5, 2021.

Secondary Schedules (Grades 6-12 and Transitions Program)

Teacher Transition – April 5 and 6

As previously agreed to in the Memorandum of Understanding signed with BEA in November, all secondary teachers will be working in-person in school buildings for two days to prepare for in person learning. Those days will be on April 5 and 6.

Students will have asynchronous time – no live instruction – during these two transition days. For students in the virtual model, teachers may continue to provide synchronous learning.

Secondary Students – First Reporting Day: April 8 and 9

Grades 6-12 will have two or three half day in-person learning days. Wednesdays will alternate in person for the two A/B groups. In addition, students will continue to have additional individual, small group, and whole class learning opportunities and support in the afternoon.

Students will return to school buildings for their first half day of in-person classes either April 8 or 9. This day will be a modified schedule, where each student will get to see all of their in-person classes, periods 1-7, during that half day.

  • Thursday, April 8 – Students assigned to House A will come in-person at their school site
    • For students in House B, or remote assigned to hybrid teachers, they may have concurrent or asynchronous learning for this day
  • Friday, April 9 – Students assigned to House B will come in-person at their school site
    • For students in House A, or remote assigned to hybrid teachers, they may have concurrent or asynchronous learning for this day.

Spring Break: April 12 through April 16

All schools are closed for the break.

All Students – Remote Learning: April 19 through April 23

As identified in the MOU from January, the week after spring break will be remote for all students, PreK-12 and Transitions.

All Students – Hybrid Schedules: April 26

Secondary Schedules

Secondary Schedules will look similar to the current virtual schedules and will be a half-day in-person model two or three days a week, with rotating days for students in-person. For afternoons, time previously identified as “asynchronous” will now be time for teachers to meet with students, focusing on intervention and enrichment.

More specific details will follow later this week.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all our students, staff, parents, and community for their support and understanding. We are excited to now shift our focus to putting our energy into the rest of the school year and seeing more students back in our schools, as well as continuing to focus on our students who have chosen to remain remote.

We have been working hard to make sure our buildings are ready for this return. Air flow, ventilation, personal protective equipment (PPE), and contact tracing procedures are in place. In addition, we have worked hard to get our educators access to vaccines. We stand together, on behalf of our students, ready to ensure the BSD community has a successful end to the 2020-21 school year.

The BEA and BSD Bargaining Team

Update for January 25, 2021

Certificated Staff Memorandum of Understanding – Regarding Impact of the Pandemic of Coronavirus for the Remainder of the 2020-2021 School Year (PDF)

The Bellevue School District and the Bellevue Education Association have approved a plan to bring our youngest learners back to buildings, while also balancing the need to ensure and respect the health and safety of our educators and staff.

Additional details of our agreement, which was approved by BEA members:

Second graders: Our second graders will continue to meet in person Tuesday and Thursday this week, with Wednesday as a remote learning day. A reminder that this Friday is a no-school day.

First graders: We look forward to welcoming our first graders February 8 and 9, with the rest of that week remote.

Kindergarteners: Our Kindergartners will start in person learning February 11 and 12.

Current in-person learners: Will return to our buildings Tuesday and continue on their normal schedules.

Update for January 23, 2021

Discussions with the BEA: The Bellevue School District is committed to continuing to work with our teachers’ union the Bellevue Education Association (BEA), to bring more students back for in-person learning while exceeding protocols to support staff and student safety. The district met with the union leaders on Friday, January 23 and will continue working all weekend.

Update for January 21, 2021

Class Instruction for January 21 and 22, 2021: Questions & Answers for Bellevue Educators (PDF)

BEA and BSD met for 9 hours of productive conversation today and will be back at the table at 9:30 AM with the hope of coming to an agreement.

Update for January 20, 2021

Class Instruction for January 21 and 22, 2021: Questions & Answers for Bellevue Educators (PDF)

Representatives from the Bellevue Education Association (BEA) and the District (BSD) met today to continue open dialogue related to our current labor dispute. The parties set up two meetings today, working around schedules for time to meet. Key items addressed in our two meetings:

  1. Clarification on the resolution passed by BEA on January 19, 2021
    1. BEA requested the District pause the return of second grade, first grade and kindergarten students.
    2. BSD responded that it will go forward with the return of second grade students in the cohort groups as planned, in line with our agreed upon MOU.
    3. BEA indicated it would not change any action that was approved in the resolution.
    4. BSD indicated it considered the action, teachers not being available for synchronous (live instruction) was a violation of the collective bargaining agreement and state law.
    5. BSD indicated to BEA that it would pursue legal remedies that are available based upon the clarification discussed.
  2. Discussion related to school employees and vaccines
    1. BEA and BSD brainstormed several options related to helping employees understand where vaccines are available, how individuals can determine eligibility and strategies to support employees such as working to secure a vaccine clinic location for employees, lobbying efforts to move educators to be eligible earlier than currently planned, and other strategies.
    2. Both BSD and BEA believe there is opportunity for more collective work in this area.
  3. Discussion related to continued enhancement of mitigation and safety measures
    1. BEA and BSD brainstormed some options to clarify and improve the ability for employees to have issues related to safety identified and addressed.
    2. Both BSD and BEA believe there is an opportunity for more collective work in this area.
  4. BSD discussed its request for mediation, sharing with BEA that the District is very interested and hopes BEA would welcome the opportunity to work with a mediator.
  5. BEA and BSD set another meeting to continue bargaining on Thursday, January 21, from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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