Employees have a variety of opportunities to engage in learning during our school closure. Below, please find a list of resources and options to further your professional learning.

  • Please ensure you check CVENT for the most recent and up to date training opportunities. Many instructors will be adding courses the next several weeks and will offer via Teams. All paraeducator/GSA trainings will begin with “FCS” if you need to search for specific courses.
  • Please stay up to date and current with communications via email as well.

Topics on this page:

Online Learning, Clock Hours and Professional Learning

Instructional online learning has been developed by Arizona State University and these courses are available to you for free. These course offerings align with a variety of frameworks including the Danielson Framework, Marzano, etc. The trainings are developed around units that then have a series of modules that align with the unit. Educators can earn clock hours for the units completed.

This opportunity for educators is free and quite simple for the user. Participants sign in through City University. Employees complete the units and City University monitors the courses, provides certificates of completion and awards clock hours (not credits).

Units, Modules and Clock Hours:

  • Unit: Learning Environment, Modules to Complete: 16, Clock Hours: 11.5
  • Unit: Professional Practices, Modules to Complete: 19, Clock Hours: 14
  • Unit: Family Focus, Modules to Complete: 8, Clock Hours: 6
  • Unit: Foundations of Emotional Learning, Modules to Complete: 16, Clock Hours: 13.5
  • Unit: Classroom Design and Instruction, Modules to Complete: 18, Clock Hours: 10.5
  • Unit: Inspired Leadership, Modules to Complete: 11, Clock Hours: 6.5

Employees follow process outlined by Human Resources by submitting their clock hours and approval for to HR (this is for salary advancement only) and retain the certificates for their certification through OSPI.

To Get Started: Register with City University

Download the Sanford Inspire FREE Clock Hours Guide (PDF)

SafeSchools and Exceptional Child Modules

All employees have access to SafeSchools and Exceptional Child Modules. Using Chrome as your browser is recommended for viewing these modules.

Login to SafeSchools & Exceptional Child

  • Login is your BSD email address (in full)
  • Password is your BSD password

Employees may “search” for the modules of interest to them.

SafeSchools Recommended Modules


  • BSD Policy and Procedure Overview 2019-20 (Cert)
  • Conflicts of Interest Training
  • Earthquake Training – BSD
  • Vaping, JUULing, E-Cig


  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention – Updated
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Common Illness Prevention
  • First Aid
  • Health Emergencies
  • Opioid Overdose Response Awareness – New
  • Stress Management
  • Student Mental Health
  • Coronavirus Awareness
  • Coronavirus: Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Coronavirus: Preparing Your Household
  • Coronavirus: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

Human Resources

  • Boundary Invasion
  • Conflict Management: Managing the Angry Parent
  • Conflict Management: Staff to Staff
  • Customer Service Overview
  • Discrimination Awareness int eh Workplace
  • Diversity Awareness: Staff to Staff
  • Diversity Awareness: Staff to Student
  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records (FERPA)
  • General Ethics in the Workplace
  • Sexual Harassment: Student Issues and Response
  • Sexual Misconduct: Staff to Student
  • Title VI Overview
  • Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention

Social and Behavioral

  • Bullying: Recognition and Response – Updated
  • Child Abuse: Identification and Intervention
  • Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting
  • Communication Styles and Skills
  • Cultural Competence and Racial Bias
  • De-escalation Strategies
  • Disruptive Student Behavior
  • Hazing Awareness and Prevention
  • Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for LGBTQ Students – Updated
  • Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for Transgender Students
  • Playground Supervision
  • Restraint and Seclusion
  • Students Experiencing Homelessness: Awareness and Understanding

Special Education

  • Special Education Aides: Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Special Education: Lifts and Transfers
  • Special Education: Safety in the Classroom


  • School Violence: Identifying and Addressing
  • Visual Weapons Screening

Emergency Management

  • Incident Command Systems
  • Managing the Aftermath of Tragedy
  • Crisis Response and Recovery
  • Threat Assessment


  • Back Injury and Lifting
  • Classroom Safety
  • Science Lab Safety
  • Workplace Injury Prevention
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety
  • Fire and Explosion Hazards

Information Technology

  • Browser Security Basics
  • CIPA: Compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act
  • Cyberbullying
  • Email and Messaging Safety
  • Online Safety: What Every Educator Needs to Know
  • Password Security Basics
  • Protecting Against Malware

Exceptional Child Recommended Modules

Instruction and Learning

  • Accommodations and Modifications
  • Co-Teaching Overview
  • Culturally Responsive Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • English Learners
  • Gifted Learners
  • Universal Design for Learning


Several modules

Trauma Awareness

Modules available

ADHD (Several Modules)

  • ADHD Overview
  • Elementary and Secondary modules available

Autism Spectrum

  • ABA
  • ASD
  • Asperger’s
  • PECS
  • Social Stories
  • Structured Teaching


  • BIP
  • EBD
  • FBA
  • Managing Challenging Behavior
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Restraint and Seclusion
  • School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Self-Regulation Skills for Elementary Students

Early Childhood

  • ASD
  • Language Development and Literacy
  • Social Communication
  • Social Emotional Learning


  • Bullying and Students with Special Needs
  • Special Education Introduction
  • Transition Services



Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & Wellspring Opportunities

Link and access to Webinars, PowerPoints: www.wellspringeap.org

Login: Bellevue School District

BSD Policy and Procedure Reading and Overview

BSD Policies & Procedures page

The following policies and procedures are recommended for employees to know:

0000: Governance

  • Mission, Values, Values
  • 0130/0130P: Equity and Accountability

2000: Instruction

2145/2145P and Exhibits: Suicide Prevention

3000: Students

  • 3122/3122P: Excused and Unexcused Absences
  • 3205/3205P: Prohibition of Sexual Harassment
  • 3207/3207P and Exhibits: Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
  • 3210/3210P: Nondiscrimination and Discrimination Complaints Process
  • 3241/3241P and Exhibits: Student Behavior, Corrective Actions and/or Interventions
  • 3246/3246P and Exhibits: Use of Reasonable Force
  • 3420/3420P: Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response
  • 3421.3421P and Exhibits: Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention

6000: Management

6800.2P: Acceptable Use (District Resource)

4000: Community

4220/4220P: Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs

5000: Personnel

  • 5009/5009P: Employee Identification Badge Policy
  • 5010/5010P: Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action & Complaints Process
  • 5011/5011P: Sexual Harassment & Complaints Process
  • 5251: Conflicts of Interest & Declaration of Conflict of Interest Form
  • 5253/5253P: Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Other Helpful and Relevant Resources and Sites

Internal Resources for Staff Learning

IRIS Center, Vanderbilt University

Paraeducators, are you interested in becoming a Registered Behavior Technician or Cognitive Behavioral Therapist?

If so, please contact Kelley Clevenger via email with your interest. Once approved, you can engage in a 40-hour independent learning and study. *Pay for course would be covered by Special Education, the Certification would be covered by the employee.

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.