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Families applying to private schools need their student’s Bellevue School District records sent to the private school as part of the application process. Most of these records requests are processed through a company called Ravenna Solutions. Ravenna is a private, third party web-based admission system that allows students to apply to private elementary, middle or high schools. Records uploaded to Ravenna are available to all private schools to which the student is applying.

Because the Bellevue School District is required by law to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the District needs to follow a defined process for fulfilling these requests.

Request process:

  1. The parent/guardian of the student applying for private school needs to complete and sign a parental release of records to Ravenna Solutions.
  2. Scan and email the parental release of records form to
  3. Because the records are being provided to a private, third party business, there is a $15 fee for each student. Payment can be made 2 ways:
    • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). Please call the BSD Records Department at (425) 456-4150 to pay over the phone.
    • Check – made payable to “Bellevue School District”.

      Mailing address:
      Bellevue School District
      Records Department
      P.O. Box 90010
      Bellevue, WA 98009 – 9010

      Office Location
      BSD Records Department
      12011 NE 1st Street
      Bellevue, WA 98005 – 3182
      ESC West Building – Suite 201

  4. The Bellevue School District Records Department will upload the student records to the BSD Ravenna account within 7 business days.
  5. When report cards are available, The Bellevue School District Records Department will upload them to the BSD Ravenna account.

All Ravenna Solutions record requests will be handled by the Records Department. Schools will not provide student records to Ravenna Solutions, but will be involved with teacher recommendations.

Please direct all questions related to student records to or (425) 456-4150.