LobbyGuard is a nation-wide leader in electronic visitor management systems. The system enhances safety for our students, staff and families. It has been identified as a leader for being user-friendly and secure. It was first piloted at Wilburton Elementary in 2018 and received a positive response from staff and families.

The LobbyGuard system implements a best practice that standardizes our visitor check-in process throughout the district. It provides uniformity for visitor badges across all district buildings which allows staff to easily identify a visitor in the building. In the event of a critical incident, the system allows staff to quickly identify and account for all visitors in the building.

How it Works

The LobbyGuard system is a self check-in touch screen kiosk. Office staff will greet the visitors and the visitor then follows the on screen prompts to check in with a government issued ID. If the visitor does not have a government issued ID, they can manually enter their name via an external keyboard or by using the on-screen keyboard. A visitor pass is printed out and then worn on the upper torso of the visitor. The pass has the visitors name, picture and the time they checked in. On checking out, the visitor removes the pass and using the barcode on the pass holds it under the unit’s reader and is checked out. The visitor then hands pass to office staff for disposal.

How does the system work?

The LobbyGuard visitor management system will require all visitors, and BSD employees not regularly assigned to the building, to check in using an electronic kiosk. This can be done by scanning the back of a government-issued driver’s license or identification card, or by simply typing in your name. All visitors will have their picture taken, be required to identify their visitor type (parent, volunteer, BSD employee, vendor, etc.), and the purpose of their visit (meeting, classroom visit, picking up student etc.). The system will print a standardized visitor pass that will be worn by visitors while in the building so that staff working in the building can readily identify them as visitors. When departing the building, visitors will simply scan their visitor pass at the kiosk to check out of the facility.

Why do we have a new system?

There is nothing more important than creating a safe learning environment for our students and staff.

Visitor management refers to the process of welcoming, processing, and monitoring guests at a facility. Having a process to screen visitors and verify that they have a legitimate purpose prior to entering our schools is essential to maintaining school safety and security.

Beginning with the start of the 2019-20 school year, visitors entering our schools or support buildings will be required to register at a LobbyGuard kiosk, have their picture taken, supply their reason for visiting and identify their intended destination within the school or building.

The LobbyGuard electronic visitor management system will bring consistency to and streamline our visitor check-in process. It will also allow us to more readily account for all occupants of a BSD facility in the event of a major disaster or critical incident.

Will BSD employees be required to use the LobbyGuard kiosk?

BSD employees who are visiting a facility to which they are not regularly assigned are required to check-in and check-out at the LobbyGuard kiosk. This will allow administrative staff to account for all individuals in a building in the event of a critical incident or emergency. See School Visitors Procedure 4200P.

Does every visitor that enters a BSD facility have to check in and check out at the LobbyGuard kiosk?

Yes. All visitors to any BSD facility will be required to check in and check out using the LobbyGuard visitor management system.

Do I need to check in via the LobbyGuard system if I'm just dropping something off?

Parents and guardians who need to drop items at school and require access beyond the main office area will be required to check in via the LobbyGuard visitor management system. In instances where parents and guardians are simply dropping off items at the front office, and then leaving the building, will not be required to check in via the LobbyGuard system.

Are background checks being done on a visitor?


What if English isn't my preferred language?

Multilingual support is provided in Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Nepali, Sanskrit, Spanish, Tigrinlya and Urdu.

How long does the check-in process take?

The entire process should take less than one minute to complete. However, we do ask for patience from all visitors as this system is implemented and recommend arriving on campus with enough time to complete the required check-in process.

How do visitors check out when leaving the building?

To check out, simply return to the main office and scan your printed visitor pass at the kiosk. You can then hand your visitor pass to front office staff for disposal.

Why does the system take my photo?

The picture readily enables staff to identify that the visitor pass belongs to the identified visitor.

Who has access to the visitor logs?

Building administrative personnel and the Safety and Security Department have access to the electronic visitor logs.

Where are the visitor logs stored?

Visitor logs are stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud-based system, considered to be the safest and most secure in the industry.

Will the use of this system be required for after-hours events such as concerts, plays, field day, etc.?

No. The use of the LobbyGuard visitor management system will not be required for after-hours large event gatherings.

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