Contact your school if you have questions about the reunification process. Please know that we will not share potential reunification sites.

Do not come to the school during an emergency. The campus may not be safe and your vehicle may block emergency crews. Information will be released through district communication tools such as School Messenger, websites and social media.


If an unusual event occurs, protective actions are taken to preserve, ensure, or create safety for students. When the event reaches a controllable state and it is safe, the transfer students back to their parents/guardians will take place.


Depending on the nature of the emergency, reunification might take place off school property if campus is not safe. Once you have been given the instructions on where reunification will be, go directly to the request gate at that area.


Your student will only be released to the adults listed on the Emergency Release form that is filled out at the beginning of the school year. Please bring photo identification. When you arrive to the reunification site please follow directions from staff. You will be given a Reunification Form.

Example Reunification Form

Once verified and paperwork has been started, you will be directed to go to the release gate at a separate area where a runner will bring your child. You will need your photo id again before finalizing the paperwork and having the child handed over to you at the release gate.

Please stay calm and follow the instructions given by the reunification staff. This will assist with the process of releasing children in a quick and more orderly fashion.