Residency Verification

Parents sign a Residency Verification Form as part of the registration process, which includes these statements:

  • Home visitation and/or other residency verification are used periodically to confirm current residency.
  • The District will investigate all cases where it has reason to believe that residency status has changed and/or false information has been provided, which may include the use of private investigators to verify residency status. Verification may include home visits.
  • Investigations that reveal students have enrolled on the basis of providing false information will be cause for revocation of the student’s school assignment and withdrawal from the District.

Misrepresentation of residency information or failure to follow through with the statements in the Residency Verification Form will result in withdrawal from the district and may result in referral to the District’s legal counsel for further action.

There is no provision for families who live in the region to claim residency in the Bellevue School District because they have made arrangements for their child to live with another family member or friend who lives in the District.

Due to unprecedented growth and over-crowding at most of our schools, we cannot allow students to selectively reside with family members or friends for the purpose of attending school.

Residency Agreement

Residency Agreements are only required if you do not have the required proof of residency. If you have the required documents you may register your student(s) immediately. If you do not have required proof of residency you must obtain a residency agreement from the Student Placement Department.

  • Only one appointment is required for all students living at the same address.
  • Renters must bring a signed lease agreement signed by both parties and proof of paid first month’s rent in the form of cancelled checks or an official receipt.
  • Homeowners must bring closing documents including the statutory warranty deed and settlement statement.

Co-Residency Interview

Co-Residency Interviews are required for families who are either contacted by the Supervisor of Student Placement or are unable to fulfill the requirements of a Residency Agreement. This situation is most often due to shared living arrangements.

  • The interview will take about 15 minutes.
  • Only one interview is required for all students living at the same address.
  • Families will complete the Co-Residency Supplemental Form (Page 3 of the Residency Verification Form)
  • Families living in a shared home must meet the following requirements:
    • Both the parent and the primary resident/owner must attend the Co-residency Interview.
    • The parent must provide:
      • His/her driver’s license or passport with photo ID
      • One item from Option 2 on the Residency Checklist
    • The primary resident/owner of the shared home must provide:
      • His/her driver’s license or passport with photo ID
      • Two items from Option 2 on the Residency Checklist

Change of Residency

When a student moves during the school year the parent or guardian must submit a Change of Address Form to their school within five school days of changing residence.

Moving Outside Current Attendance Area but Within the District: If the move is outside of the current school attendance area but within the Bellevue School District and the parent or guardian wants the student to remain at current school they must fill out a Transfer for Cause within five school days of the move and return it to the Student Placement Department. The Transfer for Cause will be subject to Policy 3120 and Procedure 3120P.

Moving Outside the District: If the move is outside the Bellevue School District and the parent or guardian wants the student to remain at the current school, they must fill out a Bellevue School District Inter-district Transfer Application and obtain a Release from the resident school district within five school days of the move. The Inter-district Transfer Application will be subject to Policy 3141 and Procedure 3141P.

Moving in Summer: If a student moves during the summer the parent or guardian will inform the school prior to school starting, and have all the necessary paperwork to the school prior to school starting.