If the anticipated needs of all resident students and nonresident students of full-time Bellevue School District employees can be met, nonresident students may be allowed to attend school in the District if there is space available. See Procedure 3141P Nonresident Students for more information.

Note: A nonresident is anyone living outside of the Bellevue School District boundaries.

If I am a full-time employee of the Bellevue School District but I live outside the district (nonresident), can my student attend a BSD school?

Yes.  If you are a nonresident fulltime employee (.75 FTE or 30 hours/week) of the Bellevue School District and you want your children to attend a BSD school, please refer to the email sent to your @bsd405.org email address.

My student currently attends a BSD school and will continue enrollment at the same school next year. I’ve already submitted a Choice Transfer Request for this year, do I need to submit another one?

Yes. You must submit a Choice Transfer Request to your resident district each year. You can click on this link to access the Washington State Choice Transfer Request Portal.

I live outside of the Bellevue School District (nonresident) and my student currently attends a Bellevue School District school.  Can my student return to BSD next year?

Probably, if you are returning to the same school and discipline or truancy have not been a concern, you will receive an email in late January with the subject line “Nonresident students – Bellevue School District.”  Submit your forms following the timeline provided in that email.

What if my current BSD student is changing school levels to middle or high school?

Continued enrollment is not guaranteed. You will need to submit an Open Transfer application to your requested school. When the transfer is approved and you receive a placement offer. Student Placement will request that you submit a BSD Interdistrict Transfer application as well as a Choice Transfer Request to your resident district, requesting enrollment at the new school.

When will nonresident applications for new students be accepted?

Applications from nonresident students will be accepted beginning March 1, 2021.  If the school requested has space your application may be approved at this time. If placement cannot be offered, the application will be denied and your student will be added to the nonresident waitlist of your requested school in the order received.

If I turn in the application forms early will that give us a better chance of entry to BSD?

No. Early applications will not be accepted. Applications received before March will be void and will not be eligible for nonresident waitlist placement.

Is the Bellevue School District accepting students who do not live in the BSD boundaries?

Maybe.  Because many of our schools are at or above capacity you should make plans to attend school in your home district. You may submit a BSD Interdistrict Transfer application, if it cannot be approved, your student may be placed on a nonresident waitlist based on school status and capacity. If space becomes available and we are able to place nonresident students at the requested school, we will contact you. Placement may not be offered until September.