Possible means there may be some space. Although we will maximize opportunities for all students who wish to attend a requested school, this does not mean we will be able to admit all students who apply. Open Transfer notifications for high school will be in February, middle school in March and April for elementary schools.

Possible Schools

Elementary Schools

Ardmore Elementary

Bennett Elementary

Cherry Crest Elementary

incoming kindergarten

Eastgate Elementary

Enatai Elementary

Lake Hills Elementary

Newport Heights Elementary

Phantom Lake Elementary

Sherwood Forest Elementary

Spiritridge Elementary

Wilburton Elementary

Woodridge Elementary

Middle Schools

Highland Middle School

High Schools

Sammamish High School

Limited means there may be some opportunity at specific grade levels closer to the start of school. It will depend on actual enrollment numbers and class sizes. If Open Transfer is possible, notifications will likely not be until August or September.

Limited Schools

Elementary Schools

Cherry Crest Elementary

grades 1-5

Clyde Hill Elementary

Medina Elementary

Somerset Elementary

Stevenson Elementary

Middle Schools

Chinook Middle School

Odle Middle School

Tillicum Middle School

Tyee Middle School

High Schools

Bellevue High School

Interlake High School

Newport High School

Close schools are unable to accept transfers. As schools are filled, we will move them to a Closed status.

Closed Schools

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools