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The purpose of the AGA Instructional Material Adoption Committee is to carry out the textbook selection process and make a recommendation to the Instructional Materials Committee based upon objective evidence.  The committee will include teacher representatives, building/district administration, and parent representation. The committee will be facilitated by the Teaching & Learning Director and Dual Language Director.

Committee Composition

The development of a shared instructional vision and analysis of current core and supplemental materials will necessitate the engagement of a wide and diverse group of stakeholders. The representation on the Adoption Committee is as follows:

  • Secondary Teaching and Learning Director (Co-Facilitator)
  • Dual Language Director (Co-Facilitator)
  • Math Educators
  • Dual Language Math Educators
  • Secondary Administrators
  • Parent/Family/Community Representatives
  • Teaching and Learning Department Staff

Adoption Process

Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 courses are piloting two new instructional resources over the course of this school year. The first resource is Carnegie Learning: High School Math Solutions and the second is Illustrative Mathematics. The process will culminate in the recommendation of math instructional materials that will be implemented beginning in the fall of 2023-24.

The AGA Adoption Committee met April 20th to review surveys and feedback. With that, the committee came to consensus to recommend Illustrative Mathematics to the Instructional Materials Committee on May 23rd. Pending IMC approval, it will go forward to the board in June for adoption approval


The role of the members of AGA Instructional Material Adoption Committee is:

  • Attend scheduled meetings
  • Serve as a communication link to the community they represent
  • Assist in collecting data regarding the instructional materials under consideration

Through a consensus process, make a formal recommendation to the Instructional Materials Committee

Pilot Materials

Bellevue School District is in the process of piloting two new mathematics curriculum for Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. The Adoption Committee has selected two resources to pilot over the course of the 2022-2023 school year. During the 1st semester, many of our Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 (AGA) teachers piloted Carnegie Learning and MATHia adaptive software. Starting in 2nd semester, teachers will be piloting Illustrative Mathematics and Aleks adaptive software. Not all of our mathematics educators opted-in to pilot these resources but continue to utilize our currently adopted curriculum.

The Adoption Committee wants to make sure all our stakeholders have an opportunity to review these resources and provide feedback.  Two surveys will be sent out to our AGA parents, one for each resource we pilot. You can expect the first survey to be emailed in mid-to-late January, 2023. The second survey will be sent out in early April, 2023. This is your opportunity to provide us feedback, comments, questions as we work to adopt new resources to better serve our teachers and students in these three courses. Below are links to learn more and preview the curricular resources being piloted during the 2022-2023 school year. Additionally, EdReports is an independent, nonprofit that reviews K-12 instructional materials, links to their reviews of both Carnegie Learning and Illustrative Mathematics are provided below.

Carnegie Learning:

Preview Curriculum:


Illustrative Mathematics:

Illustrative Mathematics is an Open Educational Resource (OER) and that means that the curriculum is free to schools, districts and publishers. Therefore, different curriculum publishers will publish this resource, but the content is very similar, if not the exact same, from publisher to publisher.

Preview Curriculum:

Under “For Students” or “For Families” and then select a course you would like to preview. There is no username or password needed as this is an Open Educational Resource (OER).

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