The purpose of the Spanish 1a-3 Instructional Material Adoption Committee is to carry out the instructional materials selection process and make a recommendation to the Instructional Materials Committee based upon evidence gathered during the process. The decision will be based on what is in the best interest of our students, alignment with World Readiness Standards for Language Learning, Second Language Acquisition research, our district mission and core values. The decision will be informed by student focus groups and surveys as well as the learning experience for them and their educators.

Committee Composition

The committee for Spanish 1a-3 Instructional Material Adoption will have the following composition:

  • Facilitated by the World Language Curriculum Developer
  • Middle and High School Spanish Teachers
  • School Administrator
  • Special Education Teacher or Developer
  • English Language Learner Facilitator or Developer
  • Equity Department Member
  • Advanced Learning Member
  • Parent(s)

The parent committee member(s) will be selected from the applications submitted.

Responsibilities of Parent Representatives:

  • Attend scheduled meetings (approximately two hours per month March 2020 – April 2021)
  • Serve as a communication link to other parents
  • Evaluate instructional materials using evidence-based criteria
  • Review data gathered from students, teachers and families regarding the instructional materials under consideration
  • Through a consensus process, make a formal recommendation to the Instructional Materials Committee

Summary of 1st Meeting

The committee meet to establish the basis for selection criteria. Most of the meeting was spent gathering perspectives and identifying missing perspectives.

Student Survey

The committee sent out a student survey to help understand what students want out of Spanish class.

Survey Highlights:

  • 339 Students completed at least part of  the Survey
  • 44% were in Middle School Spanish
  • The number one  feeling that the students want is “Happy”
  • The number one skill that students want is to speak Spanish to people

See the full Student Survey Results online


The criteria were developed-based on a brainstorming activity by the committee. It is open for comment through Thursday morning. Email Paris Granville with suggestions.

  • Proficiency – not perfection
  • Diverse Materials for Learner Supports
  • High-density of Meaning-focused activities
  • Tech is easy for students and teachers
  • Authentic Cultural Perspectives
  • Fun and Engaging for Students

Red Flags:

  • Overtly or covertly organized around grammar.
  • Objectives are not Can-Do statements (language function + context)
  • Too much active vocabulary
  • Tacked on Culture in a side box – not interactive, not centered.
  • Essential Question, but none of the chapter activities lead towards answering the essential question.

Fall 2021 Update

15 Spanish teachers in middle and high school are piloting two sets of materials.

The teachers will gather data from their students and their own experience using the materials. The committee will finalize their decision in April, 2022.

Meeting on April 22, 2021

Three publishers presented their materials to the committee. We are evaluating materials for piloting next school year.

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