1. My student is open enrolled to their school. Can they ride the bus?

Yes. Families will need to find the closest bus stop and transport students to and from that stop.

2. My student is in the Advanced Learning program. Are they eligible to ride the bus?

Yes. Please check the Bus Route Information webpage to determine which stop is closest to you. Families are required to transport their student(s) to and from that stop.

3. If I have one student who is in the Advanced Learning program and eligible for transportation and another student who is open enrolled, can they both ride the bus?

Yes. This is only on a space-available basis.

4. My student was assigned to a bus stop, but another stop is more convenient. Can we change stops?

You must fill out a Request to Use Alternate Bus Route/Stop form, which is located on the Bus Route Information webpage.

5. How do I get a bus scan card for my student?

Send an email to [email protected], or go into your school office and request a scan card. Once BSD Transportation receives the request, we will process it and send the card to the school office for distribution.

6. The Metro doesn’t run close to my house, and I don’t see any BSD yellow bus service. Will routes be added to help my student to get to school?

Not at this time, as the district recently had to reduce two bus routes that serve BSD’s choice schools, starting in the 2023-2024 school year. This change came about due to several factors:  

  1. Bellevue School District has had challenges hiring bus drivers for the past few years. We have been fortunate to have enough drivers to support all the routes in the past, but do not currently have enough driving staff to cover all the routes.  
  2. Ridership in the areas near the impacted routes were identified as having the least impact for supplemental routes, as Metro bus service became available for those riders. Please visit the King County Metro website to find the nearest bus stop and times

7. Do I need to call the BSD Transportation office if my student won’t be riding the bus one day?

It is not required for general education parents to call in. We do ask our special education parents to call in if their student is not riding.

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