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Getting On the Bus

  • Arrive to the bus stop five minutes early.
  • Never run for the bus.
  • Wait in line 10 feet away from where the bus stops.
  • Wait until the bus stops and the doors open before approaching the bus.

Getting Off the Bus

  • Wait until the bus is stopped and the door is open before standing up.
  • Wait for the bus driver signal before crossing and look both ways before crossing. Watch for traffic!
  • Walk in front of the bus; never walk behind the bus.

Stay Safe, Stay Seated

  • Sitting down on the bus is equivalent to wearing a seat belt in a car.
  • If you stand up, it is like taking your seat belt off.
  • Stay in your seat and talk quietly so the driver is not distracted. Only change seats with the permission.

The Danger Zone

  • The danger zone is 10 feet around the outside of the bus.
  • It can be hard for the bus driver to see you inside of this area.
  • If something falls under or near the bus, tell the bus driver. NEVER try to pick it up yourself.

Be Prepared

  • Keep books and bags on your lap and out of the aisle.
  • Before you reach your stop, get ready to leave by getting your books and belongings together.
  • Know your bus stop location and do not get off at any other bus stop without permission.