E18 has been named Wilburton Elementary School  Visit the Wilburton Website


Elementary 18 will be approximately 82,000 square feet, and draw students from around the downtown and Wilburton areas, relieving overcrowding at Enatai Elementary, Woodridge Elementary, and Clyde Hill Elementary.

Construction of the school will begin in Spring 2017, and the school will open September 2018.

This will be the first net new elementary in the Bellevue School District in over 40 years! Beyond the building plans, the school planning is well underway. We are looking forward to seeing the facility take shape, the hiring the teaching staff, and most of all meeting the students of Elementary 18!


Elementary 18 will be located at the Northwest corner of Main Street and 124th Avenue, just east of the Bellevue Botanical Garden.


During the 2015-16 school year, a committee of parents and teachers from Clyde Hill, Enatai, Woodridge, Chinook, Odle, Sammamish High and Bellevue High came together to create three options for the E18 attendance area and middle/high school feeder pattern and the community was asked to provide input.

The committee produced three final options for the school board review. The Bellevue School Board voted on and approved the final attendance area and middle/high school feeder pattern in September 2016.

The following map shows the final attendance area for Elementary 18 as well as the middle/high school feeder pattern. The thick block line depicts the boundaries of the attendance area.

Student who live within the red portion will attend Odle Middle School and Sammamish High School. Students who live within the blue portion will attend Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School.


A Transition Plan was part of the plan voted on by the school board.  Students who will be fifth graders during the inaugural year of E18 (2018-2019), may finish their fifth grade year at their original school with district transportation if they so desire. Siblings of students receiving a fifth grade exemption will also be allowed to remain at their former school in order to unify families.  Currently enrolled students in grades K-3 at schools affected by the new E18 attendance area may submit a request to remain to the BSD School Placement Department.

Students will be admitted to stay at their current school on a space available basis.  As the 2018-19 school year draws closer, more information will be available on this process.

The district will provide dual transportation to the affected area for one year.

Families living in the areas know as Auto Row and Bel Red Corridor, as of September 1, 2016 will have the choice to be grandfathered into the current secondary feeder pattern for those areas.

Students of the families will be able to attend Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School as long as these families remain at their current address. If these students decide to attend Chinook Middle or Bellevue High, transportation will be the responsibility of the family.

How and why was the site for E18 selected?

The district actively sought property in downtown Bellevue to build a new elementary school to relieve crowding at Woodridge, Enatai and Clyde Hill elementary schools. Property available in the downtown Bellevue corridor was both too small to support a standard district neighborhood elementary school, and was cost prohibitive.  The property designated for E18 has been owned by the district for a number of years and is in close proximity to Woodridge, Enatai and Clyde Hill.  Additionally, this location can support the expected growth in the downtown area and the Bel-Red corridor (Spring District).

Who will be the principal?

Beth Hamilton, the current principal at Medina Elementary, will be the principal at the new school and will have a one-year period to design the school experience (2017-2018) and hire appropriate staff.

What will the new school be like?

The new school will be a state-of-the-art facility with naturally lit, cheerful spaces and a modern design similar to the district’s most-recently constructed schools. The site is designed to contain most school related traffic on the property and will have both a turf field and jungle gym. In addition, the Bellevue School District, in collaboration with Microsoft, are working to further integrate technology into the curriculum.  E18, along with the other elementary schools, will benefit from this work.  E18 will be a Microsoft “Showcase School”, like Sammamish High School and the International School.  E18 will utilize the district’s standard elementary curriculum enhanced with STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) opportunities for all students.

When will the school be open to tour?

In August 2018, prior to the start of school, we will hold open houses for the community and families to come see the school, meet the teachers and understand the rhythm of the school day.  As we approach the opening we will post dates and times on the school website.

Who created the recommended attendance area and middle and high school feeder area for E18?

The Elementary 18 Attendance and Middle and High School Feeder Area Advisory Committee was formed and worked together during the 2016-2017 school year.  The team was charged with reviewing data and creating three ranked recommendations for Elementary 18’s attendance and middle and high school feeder areas.

How was the advisory committee formed?

Parents and teachers from Clyde Hill, Enatai, Woodridge, Chinook, Odle, Bellevue High and Sammamish High were invited to apply to represent their school community.  One parent and one teacher from each school was selected, via a lottery process.  A principal or assistant principal from each school also joined the committee as a school representative and to provide input on potential school impacts.

How did the community provide input on the recommendations?

The advisory committee hosted two open house events in April 2016 to share their recommendations and solicit feedback.  Communities spent time reviewing the information, asked questions and submitted a survey to provide the committee with input.