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A Welcome Letter from Eastgate Administrators, Mr. Lesco and Ms. Bettelli

         August 19, 2017

Hello Eastgate Families,

As you are likely aware, Ms. Naish has stepped aside as the assistant principal to spend more time with her family and Ms. Mary Bettelli has joined our Eastgate community as the new assistant principal. Ms. Bettelli sent out an introduction letter to families after she was hired in July. She has been a wonderful addition and will bring a lot of positive energy to our school.

We hope everyone has enjoyed summer and had the opportunity to relax, spend time with family, and have fun! We are now just a little under two weeks away from the start of the school year and we are very excited to begin.

The school office is now open from 9:30 – 3:30 (lunch break between 11:30 – 12:30) for student registration and school related questions. Our wonderful Office Manager, Miss Jessica Soto, is there to assist you and can be reached at 425-456-5100.  

We have included information in this letter that we hope you find helpful for your own back to school preparations. Click EASTGATE Back to School2017 if you would like a PDF copy of the newsletter.  Please remember to regularly visit the Eastgate website and the PTA website for the most current information.

Eastgate: http://bsd405.org/eastgate/         PTA: http://www.eastgatepta.org/


Jubilee Reach Service Day:

This upcoming weekend, Jubilee Reach will be joining forces with Eastgate once again for Jubilee Service Day. Please use the link to register if you are interested in volunteering. Last year volunteers assisted with classroom set-up, painting, power washing, and landscaping. The Service Day is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, August 26th from 8 am until noon. We appreciate any help and thank you in advance for your service.

Register this week at www.jubileereach.org .   Select Learn More, Get Involved, Register Now, School Site, select Eastgate Elementary on line #3, fill in name, email, and write “Eastgate Parent” in the comment box.


Student Placement:

Thank you for the class placement input you provided to the Eastgate staff in spring 2017 or when you registered your child for school. The information you shared regarding the academic, social, and emotional needs of your child is considered during the student placement process. Class placement notifications will be sent via email on the evening of Monday, August 28th. You can also receive placement information during the Meet and Greet on Tuesday, August 30th. Please do not call the main office for placement information prior to the Meet and Greet.

*Kindergarten families – you will receive placement information via email on Friday, August 25th as well as a link to sign-up for your Family Connections meeting. Family Connections meetings are scheduled for Thursday, August 31 and Friday, September 1. Additional information can be found on the building website under the post “Information for New Kindergarten Families”.

Please be aware that there are years when enrollment changes within the first few weeks of school. These numbers determine staffing allotted to each school and grade level. Depending on class sizes and numbers we may also have to monitor and adjust student placement. This could mean shifting class assignments within the first few weeks of school.


Back to School “Meet & Greet Your Teacher” Event:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Back to School “Meet & Greet Your Teacher” Event

This will serve as an opportunity for children to feel more confident about transitioning into the new school year!  Students will have a chance to find their classroom, drop off their supplies, and say hello to their new teacher. This is an informal meeting so feel free to drop in any time between 3:00 and 4:00. Suggested classroom supply lists are available on the Eastgate website. Following your classroom visit, please feel free to join us on the 2nd-5th Grade Playground for a special Popsicle treat provided by our wonderful PTA.

Kindergarten students will have the opportunity to take a ride on a school bus at 3:45 in the back bus loop.

*Please note that because this event is taking place before the first official day of school, teachers will still be in the process of adding the final touches to their classroom environments.  Therefore, your child’s classroom may look different at the Meet & Greet than it will on the first day of school.


Start of the School Year:         

Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Day of School for Students in 1st-5th Grades

All students should be in the classroom and ready to learn by the tardy bell at 9:05.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School for Kindergarten Students

All students should be in the classroom and ready to learn by the tardy bell at 9:05.


The first day of school for students in First through Fifth Grade is Thursday, August 31. Our PTA has generously put together a Morning Coffee on the first day of school beginning at 8:45 am located by the Main Entrance/Atrium. Learn how you can get involved with the PTA, catch up with neighborhood friends, meet new faces, and simply have a good time.

The first day of school for Kindergarten students is Tuesday, September 5th. Our PTA will also host a Morning Coffee on September 5th to welcome all of our new Kindergarten families to the Eastgate community. The coffee will begin at 8:45 am and will be located by the Main Entrance/Atrium.

Also, mark your calendars for the evening of Friday, September 8 from 6:00-8:00 pm for our PTA Back to School Social. This event is intended to be a fun time for you to get to know Eastgate staff, children’s classmates and their parents. A huge “Thank You!” to our PTA co-presidents Ken Lee and Marc Kirkpatrick and all the other members of the PTA for providing such wonderful back to school opportunities for our students, parents, and staff and for their continued support in making Eastgate a wonderful place to be.


First Day Packet:

On the first day, your child will bring home a large manila envelope with additional information from Bellevue School District, from our PTA, and from your student’s classroom teacher. Please read through this information carefully and return the necessary documents by Friday, September 8.


Arrival and Dismissal:

The safety of your child(ren) and every other student remains our top priority and your attention to the procedures outlined below are a necessity.

Students should not arrive on campus before 8:45 AM. Upon arrival, all students are to report directly to the cafeteria. Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria to their classrooms at 8:55.

Bus AM – The south parking lot next to the large playground is for staff parking and school buses only. Please do not enter into this lot. Students will exit the school buses and enter into the school cafeteria where supervision is provided prior to them being released to their classrooms.

Student drop-off AM –The drop off loop is in the front of the building and accessible from Newport Way. Students can be dropped off beginning at 8:45. Please remain in your car if you are dropping off your child and move quickly forward to allow others to do the same. Your child should be seated on the passenger side for quick and safe access to the sidewalk. Please plan to park your vehicle if your child needs additional assistance. There is a designated drop-off area marked with yellow striped paint. Students may only be dropped-off in the designated area. Do not allow students to exit your vehicle before the crosswalk and please remember to respectful to the drop-off loop attendants. After your child has exited your vehicle, please proceed through the choke point and parking lot past the Early Learning Center and exit on to 152nd Avenue SE. Two lanes of traffic will be formed as you proceed toward the ELC. There are two clearly defined and freshly painted lanes for traffic turning left or right. If the left turning lane is full, you will have to make a right hand turn out of the lot in order to keep traffic moving and to ensure that all students are able to arrive in class on time. Please be aware that the drop-off loop does become congested, especially the left turning lane, so it is recommended that you arrive early or use school transportation if it is available.

Bus PM – Students who ride school transportation will board the buses in the back parking lot under the supervision of school staff. The back loop is only for staff parking and school buses.

Student pick-up PM – The school day ends at 3:35 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 1:15 on Wednesday. It is imperative that all students who do not ride the bus are picked up promptly following dismissal. Once you enter the lot from Newport Way, two lanes of traffic will form along the backside of the lot. The two lanes are clearly defined with fresh paint. This is to allow additional vehicles to enter the lot and to prevent traffic from being impeded on Newport Way. The two lanes will merge at the start of the curb. A sign has been installed to signal where to merge. When merging, please be considerate and take turns by alternating right lane then left lane as you would if you were deboarding an airplane. All vehicles will have to proceed through the parking lot past the Early Learning Center and exit on to 152nd Avenue SE.

Please note that it is never okay to exit your vehicle while in the pick-up loop. Please find a legal parking spot if you must exit your vehicle or seek assistance from the pick-up loop attendants.

School bus information will be mailed to you by the Bellevue School District. Please visit the district transportation page for additional information. http://bsd405.org/departments/transportation/


Avoid the fuss, ride the bus

Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

  • Pay attention and always be prepared to suddenly stop
  • Do not use your cell phone
  • Follow the direction of the traffic monitor (the fabulous Ms. Zoe) and the safety patrol
  • Drive slowly
  • Do not use the back bus loop for student drop-off. It is for school buses only.
  • Have your child exit on the curbside of the vehicle
  • Do not exit your vehicle if you are in the drop-off/pick-up lane


Eastgate Daily Schedule:

8:45 Students may arrive at school

8:55 First Bell: Students dismissed from lunchroom (with teacher) to classroom

9:05 Tardy Bell: Instruction begins promptly after the bell

2nd and 3rd      Lunch 11:05-11:30     Recess 11:30-11:50

K and 1st         Lunch 11:40-12:05     Recess 12:05-12:25

4th and 5th        Recess 11:55-12:15   Lunch 12:15-12:40


PM Recess

K and 1           1:30-1:50

2 and 3             1:55-2:15

4th and 5th        2:20-2:40


Dismissal (M,T,Th, F) – 3:35 (This is a new end time – dismissal was previously at 3:30)

Wednesday Dismissal – 1:15


Lunch Prices:

The cost for a school lunch is $3.25 (free for reduced lunch students in K-3 and $0.40 for reduced lunch students in 4-5) and this price includes milk. If your child will be purchasing milk only, the cost for milk is $0.50. (Those families who qualify for free or reduced lunch need to fill out new financial forms each year. These forms are on the school district’s website: http://bsd405.org/departments/nutrition-services/free-reduced/)


If you plan to have your child purchase a school lunch, you can send a check made out to the Bellevue School District with your child. It is helpful if you write your child’s name on the check as well. The check can be delivered to the front office or your child’s classroom teacher can assist in getting it to our school secretary. Credit card payments are also accepted through the PAYPAMS system at www.paypams.com. Lunch money is deposited into an account for each child.



Curriculum Nights:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6:15-7:30pm – 3-5 General Education Curriculum Night


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

6:15-7:30pm – K-2 General Education Curriculum Night


We will have two separate Curriculum Nights this school year. The first is for Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades and will be held on September 12th and the second is for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades on September 19th. These curriculum nights offer an opportunity for teachers to review the curriculum and classroom expectations as well as share strategies to support your child at home (individual conferences are scheduled at a later date). The night is intended for parents and guardians only and we strongly encourage you to attend. Families of Olympic students will also have the additional opportunity to hear a classroom presentation in their child’s Olympic classroom from 5:30-6:15.  


Visitors to School:

All visitors, including parents, MUST sign-in at the office and wear a visitor sticker when they come onto school grounds during the school day, even when the visit is prearranged with a teacher. This helps keep our students and school safe. Staff has been advised to redirect all visitors without a sticker to the office.

*Please note that you must sign-in at the main office even if you intend to walk your child to the classroom in the morning.


Are you interested in volunteering?

Eastgate students and staff are very fortunate to have so many volunteers! We welcome those of you who can carve out time to volunteer in the classroom, support a small group of students in reading, writing or math, or volunteer in some other capacity to help all students succeed in preparation for college, career and life!

If you are interested in volunteering, please coordinate with your child’s teacher or our front office to submit the necessary paperwork in order to be cleared and approved. In order to volunteer in the classroom and attend field trips you will need to be cleared through the Bellevue School District VIBES Program (Volunteers in Bellevue’s Education System) office. Information is available at: http://bsd405.org/get-involved/volunteer/

If you have previously submitted your VIBES paperwork within the past year and have been cleared for either Eastgate or another Bellevue School District school, you do not need to repeat the process.



Students are expected to report to school on time and stay for the entirety of the school day. School attendance and on-time arrival are one of the most critical factors in determining a child’s current and future success. We realize that there are times when students must miss a day. Please be sure to call the attendance line at (425) 456-5104 to report an absence.

Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or more of school days. This means missing 3 or more days in the first 30 days of school or 18 days in a school year. This includes excused and unexcused absences. According to Safe and Civil Schools, only 17% of students who are chronically absent in K-1 are proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade.

What can I do to help?

* Take advantage of that fact that students can be dropped off beginning at 8:45. Any child arriving after 9:05 must be signed in at the main office. Please know that according to district procedure 3122, 3 unexcused tardies will be counted as 1 unexcused absence.

* If transportation is provided, have your child ride the bus. The school bus arrives on time daily and using the bus reduces the amount of traffic on the roads and in the school drop-off loop. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school buses are the safest method for transporting students to and from school. Traveling by school bus is 7x safer than travel by a car.

* Do many of the morning tasks the night before (pick out clothes, pack the book bag, pack lunches, etc).

* Have a consistent bedtime and wake-up time each day. Students thrive on structure and they need to be refreshed and energized each day to maximize their learning potential.

* Plan family vacations and trips outside of the school window. Use holiday breaks, long weekends, and the summer months to take trips. Make-up work cannot replicate the authentic classroom experience that occurs during extended absences. If you must be out of school for pre-planned reasons, an approved absence request form must be completed 2 weeks in advance of the determined date(s). Only 5 days may be excused for pre-planned reasons during a school year. Please see the main office for an approved absence request form.

* Familiarize yourself with the district policy and procedure 3122 under 3000: Students: http://bsd405.org/about/policies-procedures/


Turf Field Delayed until Summer 2018:

The turf field has been delayed until July 2018. Due to the competitive construction market, the field installation was delayed on two occasions during the summer. The earliest completion date, assuming no additional delays or adverse weather, would have been the beginning of October. Given that the sand field makes up over 2/3 of our outdoor playground area and the blacktop would not be sufficient space for outdoor recess coupled with the fact that other sites experienced significant delays after installation began, I made the decision to postpone the installation of the field until next summer. I felt that having an adequate sized outdoor play area was a necessity for the health and wellness of our students.


Bellevue Schools Foundations:

Computer Science. STEM. Social Emotional Learning. VIBES. College & Career Planning. Arts, Enrichment & Innovation Grants. Music support. These programs, and many more, make our District stand apart as a model of excellence in public education. Programs that distinguish our schools every day, at every school, are available because parents like you join forces to make a collective impact through Bellevue Schools Foundation. Together, parent leaders and community members enable the Foundation to make targeted investments that move the needle and transform basic education to BEST.

When it comes to ensuring that your child—and every Bellevue School District student—enjoys leading edge, innovative, and effective educational programming, contributing to Bellevue Schools Foundation is an easy choice. I hope you’ll consider supporting both the Foundation and our school’s PTSA this fall. Your contribution translates directly to programming that elevates and enriches education districtwide. Whether you can give $5 or $500, your investment makes these programs possible.

You can learn more about how your student benefits from Foundation parent-funded programs at bellevueschoolsfoundation.org. 


Important Dates:

August 26       (8:00am – 12:00 pm)  Jubilee Service Day

August 28       Class Placement Notification via Email for 1st – 5th grade

August 29       (3:00-4:00 PM) Meet and Greet Your Teacher

August 31       First Day of School for grades 1-5 & PTA Coffee

September 5   First Day of School for Kindergarten & PTA Coffee

September 8   (6:00-8:00 PM) PTA Back to School Social

September 12  (6:15-7:30 PM) Curriculum Night for Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades

September 19 (6:15-7:30 PM) Curriculum Night for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades


Not returning to Eastgate?

If your plans have changed and you will not be attending Eastgate this school year, please contact the office as soon as possible at 425-456-5100.


Thank you for your support of Eastgate Elementary School and for sharing your children with us. On behalf of the Eastgate staff, we would like to welcome you back to school. It’s going to be a terrific year!



Steve Lesco and Mary Bettelli