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Eastgate Elementary Eagle Sighting                  

October 22, 2018


Pajama Day – Tuesday, October 23

Unity Day – Wednesday, October 24


Translations Available

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Upcoming Dates

Pajama Day, Tuesday, October 23

Unity Day, Wednesday, October 24

Bite of Eastgate, Friday, October 26, 6:00pm

Veteran’s Day and Virtue Assembly, Thursday, November 8, 9:45

No School, Friday November 9

No School, Monday, November 12


Disability History and Awareness Month  

Washington State has named October Disability History and Awareness Month. According to the state’s website regarding the awareness month, “The legislature finds that annually recognizing disability history throughout our entire public educational system, from Kindergarten through grade twelve and at our colleges and universities, during the month of October will help to increase awareness and understanding of the contributions that people with disabilities in our state, nation, and the world have made to our society. The legislature further finds that recognizing disability history will increase respect and promote acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities. The legislature further finds that recognizing disability history will inspire students with disabilities to feel a greater sense of pride, reduce harassment and bullying, and help keep students with disabilities in school.”


It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the United States has a disability. Even still, talking about the idea of differences can feel uncomfortable at times. Books can often allow opportunities for conversations. Below are just a few books to read at home to engage in conversations about disabilities and differences:​​​​​​​

My Brother Charlie, H.R. Peete & R.E. Peete

My Friend, Isabelle, Eliza Woloson

Looking After Louis, Lesley Ely

Susan Laughs, J. Willis & T. Ross

Sneetches, Dr. Seuss

Out of my Mind, Sharon Draper

Wonder, R.J. Palacio

Rules, Cynthia Lord

Rain Reign, Ann Martin

Additionally, The Special Needs Acceptance Book by Ellen Sabin offers a variety of ideas and resources including a child friendly description of different kinds of special needs:

  • There are people who need special medical care because a part of their body has been hurt and doesn’t work perfectly all the time. These people may need special equipment- like crutches, wheelchairs, or glasses- or they may need medicine or extra attention from doctors because they get sick easily.
  • Some people need special attention because a part of their brain works differently. People who have a brain that woks differently may think or act differently. These people often get special care and attention to help them learn and play with other people.
  • Other people have special needs when it comes to learning. They might get extra help from teachers and classroom aides. They learn things in different ways and they may need to work much harder than other people to learn.
  • Some people have extra emotional challenges – they get sad, upset, or distracted easily. They may become active or fidgety often. When they have strong emotions that they can’t control, it may seem like they are misbehaving. Their parents, counselors, or teachers may give them special help.


A variety of supports are available to help our Eastgate students with disabilities access general education curriculum. These might include a 504 plan or Individualized Education Program (IEP). Students with an IEP may receive support through resource program or through the Olympic Program.


Resource – The Resource Program is designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities who are eligible for special education services.

Research-based, specially designed instruction, delivered in an individualized or smaller group format, targets goals in the specific qualifying areas as described in each student’s special education evaluation. Related services are provided for students who qualify in the areas of motor (OT/PT) and communication (SLP). Students participate within the general education curriculum to the extent possible as determined by the student’s IEP.

Olympic – The Olympic Program is designed to meet the educational needs of students who have significant deficits in the areas of organizational skills, executive functioning skills, and social competency skills that are often associated with autism spectrum disorder. The students in this program are functioning in the low-average to high-average range of intellectual ability.

Using evidence-based practices, the goal is to provide instruction, opportunities for application, knowledge, training and support to maximize independence and enhance students’ opportunities to achieve their full potential. Specially-designed instruction targets goals in the specific qualifying areas as described in each student’s special education evaluation including all academic areas of need. Related services are provided for students who qualify in the areas of motor (OT/PT) and communication (SLP). Students may also need support in the mental health areas of anxiety and depression. In addition to these special education services, students spend a portion of their day in general education classrooms.


Unity Day

At Eastgate we want to ensure a climate of inclusion, support, and acceptance for each of our students. There is no place in our community for bullying and we invite our entire Eastgate Community to stand together against bullying by wearing orange on Wednesday, October 24th for Unity Day.

For more information on Unity Day, please visit


New Parent Pick Up Spot

During pick-up, we have now made designated areas for parents to stand in order to have a safer, more efficient drive circle and pick-up area. Once you have picked your students up from their classroom teachers, we ask that you move conversations to the socializing area which is located at the east end of the school. This will help us find students quicker as their parents enter the drive circle and also allow us to know which students are still waiting to be picked up. To help locate these spots, Kindergarten and Third Grade students have decorated our entry with spots labeled just for parents.


Public Comments at Board Meetings

You asked, they listened!  At the Oct. 16 board meeting, the board approved amending Policy 1400: Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, Quorum and Public Comment, which impacts the time when public comments will be held at board meetings.

We heard from our students, families, and community partners that due to work, afterschool, or other commitments it is difficult to make it to board meetings by 4:00 p.m. to share feedback, concerns, or appreciation during the public comment period.

Going forward, at the first board meeting each month, public comment will begin at approximately 6:00 p.m. or later. The public comments section will continue to be at about 4:05 p.m. for the second monthly board meeting. The change is effective immediately, and will be noted in upcoming board meeting reminders.


Previous Announcements

Coffee House

Each Friday Ms. Pelto and Ms. Colón (Bettelli) will host Coffee House. Coffee House is your opportunity to hear more about the Bellevue School District and Eastgate initiatives, ask questions, and provide input. We invite you to join us any Friday, from 9:15-9:45 in the library. Please sign in at the office first and then head upstairs to the library.

Virtue of the Month

Last winter, Bellevue School District’s Social Emotional Learning Department gathered survey input from staff, families and community members to help select the new Virtues.  Based on that input, the district did not assign Virtues to months for this rotation and buildings can determine when to best focus on them with the idea being that we demonstrate all of the Virtues all of the time.

Our Virtues of the Month for Eastgate are:

September- Respect

October- Responsibility

November- Courage

December- Compassion

January- Integrity

February- Kindness


April- Commitment

May- Confidence

June- Perseverance


Visiting Eastgate’s Campus

Parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to visit Eastgate. All visiting adults on campus, including parents, must wear a guest badge. To ensure the safety of everyone, guests must sign in at the Main Office and wear a visitor badge, even if just visiting for a few minutes. The outer doors remain locked throughout the school day to ensure student and staff safety. If you wish to drop off items to a classroom, come to the Main Office. If the teacher is expecting you, the office staff will either escort you to the classroom or call the classroom to notify the teacher that you have arrived. If the teacher is not aware that you are coming, we ask that you leave your delivery at the front desk, and we will email the teacher that it has arrived. Consistent with Board Policy 4200, parents/guardians are asked to schedule visits with the principal if the purpose of the school visit is to observe instruction or other school activities.

If you are planning on being a class or school volunteer, you must first complete the mandatory volunteer background check. The Bellevue School District website has been updated with the link to BSD Verified Volunteers on the Become a Volunteer page,

Hiring Para Educators and Substitute Para Educators

Bellevue School District is hiring para educators and substitute para educators. If you enjoy working with students with diverse needs, please consider applying and working with us! Apply here:


May Pelto, Principal

Mary Colón, Assistant Principal