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December 7, 2018


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Upcoming Dates

December’s Virtue of the Month is compassion


School Board Visit, December 13 – Parent Discussion, 9:00-9:30am

PTA General Membership Meeting, December 13, 7:00pm

Winter Break, December 24-January 4

December Spirit Days

December 19 – Snow Day – Wear All White

December 20 – Holiday/Winter Hats, Headbands, and Jewelry

December 21 – Pajama Day


School Board Visit

On Thursday, December 13, the Bellevue School District Board of Directors and Superintendent Dr. Duran, will be visiting Eastgate Elementary. Their goal is to get to know more about Eastgate and what makes this school unique and special. They would love to have parent input and we invite you to meet with the board members in the library from 9:00-9:30. Please sign in to the office prior to going up to the library.


Counselor’s Corner – From Ms. Verschueren

Happy December Eastgate Families!

Now that the excitement of a new school year has worn off and academics are in full swing, you might start to see your students experiencing more stress or focusing more on the negative. Typically, we think of November as the month for reflection on all that we are thankful for, but gratitude is great practice year-round because it’s a simple way to bring more joy and positivity to our lives and those of our students. There is actually scientific research that demonstrates a causal link between gratitude and happiness! And there are a lot of easy ways to integrate a gratitude practice in your family’s daily life. Here are some suggestions for how to practice more gratitude in your home:

  1. Reflect on what you appreciate. Each night, help your child think of 3-5 things they are grateful for. And encourage them to think beyond the obvious things like your family or your home, and to consider the little things like a good meal or a beautiful sunset. You could even have your child write these in a journal as a good way to practice writing, and to have something to re-read after a hard day or for when practicing gratitude feels hard.
  2. Make it a family practice. Maybe during your evening meal or quiet time, take turns sharing something that you are thankful for.
  3. Start a smile file. Any time your child receives a thank you note, card, or praise on an assignment, put it in a file. On the days when they are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, they can revisit their smile file to remind them of the happy moments and the things they are grateful for.
  4. Cultivate wonder. In many ways, gratitude is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Help your child change their perspective and really notice the wonder in nature and our surroundings. We are lucky to live in a beautiful city with mountains and trees all around, and taking a minute for you and your child to stop, notice, and experience awe can do a lot to lift our spirits!


Here are some other creative ways to get us talking about what we are grateful for:

Who did something nice for you today? What was it?

Who did you thank today?

What are you thankful for in nature?

What is your favorite season? Why?

What abilities do you have that you are grateful for?

What is something you love doing with your family?

How does it feel to do something nice for someone?

What is one thing a friend did for you recently that you are thankful for?

How did you help someone today?

What was your favorite part about today?

What is something that makes you happy?


Emergency Closure Information

As we head into the winter season we encourage families to become familiar with information about unexpected school delays or closures.
Families will be notified of changes to the school day via SchoolMessenger. Information can also be found on the district website, Facebook, Twitter, FlashAlert, on the BSD Newsline by calling (425) 456-4111, and from local TV and radio stations.
The following is also available for review on the district website:

  • schedule information for scenarios including delayed start, early dismissal, and school closures
  • altered bus stop locations

Download and print the Emergency Closure flyer:

For additional details please visit www.bsd405.org/closure.​

School Board Vacancy

Do you know someone who would make a positive impact as a school board director? School Board Director My-Linh Thai announced her resignation on Nov. 7 and the Bellevue School Board is working to fill the vacancy for Director District 5.  The nomination process will open to the community on Friday, Nov. 30 and information will be posted on the district website.

The Board of Directors is made up of five community members, one from each geographic region of the district. In Bellevue, the school board provides overall governance of the school district. Its responsibilities fall into five major areas: Responsible Governance, Creating Conditions for Student and Staff Success, High Expectations for Student Learning, Accountability for Student Learning, and Community Engagement.

We invite you to submit candidate nominations beginning Nov. 30 by emailing batemanj@bsd405.org with the nominee’s name and contact information.

To learn more about who can be nominated visit our Become a Board Member page.


Previous Announcements

New Parent Pick Up Spot

For parents who drive through the drive circle, please note that there are two lanes in the parking lot to help get traffic off of Newport way, and those two lanes merge into one as you approach the yellow zone.

For parents who walk to pick-up or park their cars offsite, we have now made designated areas for parents to stand in order to have a safer, more efficient drive circle and pick-up area. Once you have spotted your student, you may pick them up from their classroom teachers. We then ask that you move conversations to the socializing area which is located at the east end of the school. This will help us find students quicker as their parents enter the drive circle and also allow us to know which students are still waiting to be picked up. Thank you for your support of this change.

Coffee House

Each Friday Ms. Pelto and Ms. Colón will host Coffee House. Coffee House is your opportunity to hear more about the Bellevue School District and Eastgate initiatives, ask questions, and provide input. We invite you to join us any Friday, from 9:15-9:45 in the library. Please sign in at the office first and then head upstairs to the library.

Virtue of the Month

Last winter, Bellevue School District’s Social Emotional Learning Department gathered survey input from staff, families and community members to help select the new Virtues.  Based on that input, the district did not assign Virtues to months for this rotation and buildings can determine when to best focus on them with the idea being that we demonstrate all of the Virtues all of the time.

Our Virtues of the Month for Eastgate are:

September- Respect

October- Responsibility

November- Courage

December- Compassion

January- Integrity

February- Kindness


April- Commitment

May- Confidence

June- Perseverance


Visiting Eastgate’s Campus

Parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to visit Eastgate. All visiting adults on campus, including parents, must wear a guest badge. To ensure the safety of everyone, guests must sign in at the Main Office and wear a visitor badge, even if just visiting for a few minutes. The outer doors remain locked throughout the school day to ensure student and staff safety. If you wish to drop off items to a classroom, come to the Main Office. If the teacher is expecting you, the office staff will either escort you to the classroom or call the classroom to notify the teacher that you have arrived. If the teacher is not aware that you are coming, we ask that you leave your delivery at the front desk, and we will email the teacher that it has arrived. Consistent with Board Policy 4200, parents/guardians are asked to schedule visits with the principal if the purpose of the school visit is to observe instruction or other school activities.

If you are planning on being a class or school volunteer, you must first complete the mandatory volunteer background check. The Bellevue School District website has been updated with the link to BSD Verified Volunteers on the Become a Volunteer page, https://bsd405.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Hiring Para Educators and Substitute Para Educators

Bellevue School District is hiring para educators and substitute para educators. If you enjoy working with students with diverse needs, please consider applying and working with us! Apply here: www.bsd405.org/jobs.


May Pelto, Principal

Mary Colón, Assistant Principal




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