Please review the below diagram and read the following options carefully to determine the best plan of action for your family to use during the busy arrival and departure times at Eastgate.

  1. If you would like to park your car and meet your child, the following options exist (See map):
  • Park in the visitor parking lot, or in street parking.
  • Please plan on getting out of your car and meeting your child in the front entrance.
  1. If you would prefer to stay in your car:
  • Utilize the student drop off lane located in visitor parking outside of the front entrance.
  • Remain in your vehicle at all times as this is the designated fire lane.
  • Pull all of the way forward before letting your child in the car
  • If your child needs assistance in getting situated in a booster seat, please park your car rather than using the drop off/pick up lane.
  • In order to facilitate pick up, please place your student’s name card in the front, right-hand side of your dashboard. You will receive this card in early September.


In the Eastgate drop-off/pick-up and parking areas, please use the virtues of patience and responsibility and help keep our children safe by refraining from using your cell phone!  Also, as a general rule, please allow additional time during our peak arrival and dismissal periods.  Furthermore, while every Eastgate staff member assists in ensuring a safe dismissal for our students and families; please use a respectful tone at all times towards Eastgate staff members, patrol students, and other people patrolling the parking lot.