Final Recommendation

Using the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education as a guideline, the P-12 Chinese Dual Language Immersion Advisory Committee created preliminary and secondary recommendations for the P-12 Chinese Dual Language Immersion Program based on extensive research and best practices. The recommendations will be reviewed by the Superintendent in the following categories:

  • Assessment and accountability
  • Curriculum
  • Instruction
  • Staff quality and professional development
  • Program structure
  • Family and community
  • Support and resources

Monica Lo

K-12 Chinese Language Curriculum Developer


Dual language education not only promotes skills that students will need for the global job market, but also helps students reach higher levels of cognitive and academic functioning. In addition to the many benefits of being biliterate, research studies have shown that students in dual language programs either develop academic skills on the same level as, or superior to, their peers in English-only classes.

With Mandarin Chinese being the most spoken language in the world next to Spanish and English, the Chinese P-12 dual language program will benefit all student groups as it continues to foster bilingualism, biliteracy, and multicultural competency in the 21st century.

Committee Members

Vivian Tam Administrator
Carrie Lin Jing Mei Elementary
Sun Burford Tyee Middle School
Tina Bogucharova ITCL at Jing Mei Elementary
Jennifer Yen Parent/Community Representative
Chrissy Geisendorfer Parent/Community Representative
Edward Wang World Language Curriculum Developer
Paris Granville World Language Curriculum Developer
Monica Lo Chinese Language Curriculum Developer

Meeting Minutes

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