Monday, November 13th, 2017

Menu:  Chicken Alfredo / Penne Pasta / Whole Wheat Roll

On This Date in History:  On November 13th, 1835, Texans officially proclaim independence from Mexico, and calls itself the Lone Star Republic, after its flag, until its admission to the Union in 1845.

Club Jubilee: Congratulations to our boys soccer team for earning the Jubilee Championship Soccer Trophy! They defeated Tillicum last Wednesday with a score of 10-2.  Coed- Flag Football starts this Monday, November 13th. Registration closes on Friday, November 17th.   REACH Club will have its first meet on Tuesday, November 14th in the Library at 3:00PM. Snack will be provided. Tutorial passes required!  Tutorial passes required!   Due to gym usage, Basketball Club will be postponed until February.

Green Genius Cafeteria Challenge:  This week, the middle schools in the district will be participating in the Green Genius Cafeteria Challenge!  Highland won this challenge a few years ago but finished at the bottom last year.  We can only get back on top with our student body’s help.  You can help by following a few tips I have for you:

  • Make sure to finish your milk and your lunch before throwing away your trays and garbage.
  • Take only what you will use and finish. Meaning, do not take too much ketchup or napkins.
  • Remember to throw what is recyclable in the recycle bin and what is compostable in the compostable bin.
  • Take leftovers with you to have for a snack later. Example:  If you have an apple and are full, do not just throw it away.  Put it in your backpack or lunchbox to have later in the day.


The objective for this challenge is to reduce the amount of waste and promote recycling and composting here at Highland.  On this Friday, November 17th, all of our bags of garbage, recycling and compost will be weighed at both lunches.  The middle school with the least amount of garbage will win the contest!


Highland Tutorial:  2:35-3pm

Soccer:  3:15-4:45

Badminton:  3-4pm


Coding Club:  3-4pm Room 407