Monday, November 20th, 2017

Menu:  Husky Dog / Curly Fries / Husky Dog Bone Treat

On This Date in History:  On November 20th, 1967, the US population hits 200 million people.  And now, 50 years later, we have soared to 326.625 million in population.

ASB:  All ASB members please report to the library today for our next whole group meeting. Reminder that absences must be verified by attendance to be excused. EVEN IF YOU ARE PLAYING A NEW SPORT, please be at the ASB meeting until 3:30. The meeting today should not go a full hour.

SOAR:  Would you like to apply to join SOAR? Students Organized Against Racism will be handing out paper applications at both lunches today on the stage. The applications are due next week! If you attended an informational meeting and gave an accurate e-mail address, you should have received an application via e-mail last Friday. Do not wait! Apply for SOAR today!


Highland Tutorial:  2:35-3pm

Flag Football:  3:15-4:45

Badminton:  3-4pm

ASB:  3-3:30pm Library

Coding Club:  3-4pm Room 407