What are School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs)?

School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are clinics that provide basic primary care in partnership with a school, oftentimes right on campus. They provide a safe and confidential space for students to access comprehensive healthcare without leaving school, thus minimizing time away from class.

The benefits of SBHCs include:

  • Allows students easy access to full-service healthcare right here at school
  • Saves parents from taking time off work to take children to their appointments
  • Increases students’ school connectivity and proactiveness in their own health
  • Improves classroom attendance rates
  • Reduces barriers to learning

Who can access the Highland Health Center?

The Highland Health Center is a service available to ALL Highland Middle School students and BSD students. In order to access care, students need to be registered for the clinic and consent to our services. Please visit our “Register for the Health Center” tab for more information.

My child already as a primary care provider elsewhere. Why do they need to receive care at school?

Our goal at the Highland Health Center is not to replace your child’s existing provider; rather to supplement your child’s care in a place that is accessible and convenient for them: right here at school. We offer excellent care coordination and can easily share important documents/information with your child’s primary care provider upon request.

Is the Highland Health Center run by the school?

While the Highland Health Center is located inside the school, we are not owned or operated by the Bellevue School District. The clinic is staffed and operated by both International Community Health Services (ICHS) and Youth Eastside Services (YES).

How does the Highland Health Center differ from the School Nurse?

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Does my child need insurance/have to pay in order to access the Highland Health Center?

The Highland Health Center is a no-cost service to students. We are funded through the Best Starts for Kids levy which ensures all of our patients are able to access care, regardless of income status. When applicable, we bill our services to your insurance with absolutely no deductible, copayment responsibilities, or out-of-pocket expenses.

How can my child schedule appointments at the Highland Health Center?

To schedule an appointment at the Highland Health Center, stop by Room 111 or give us a call at (425) 373-3135. Currently we are offering Telehealth appointments, as well as in person.

Does my child need to miss class in order to be seen at the Highland Health Center?

While most of our appointments take place during class time, the Highland Health Center recognizes that school is a top priority. We strive to ensure all appointments are comprehensive yet efficient in order to minimize classroom disruptions. If you have concerns about missing class for an appointment, come talk to us during your free time and we can work together to find the best possible time for an appointment.

Do you share patient health information with teachers/staff members?

Patient health confidentiality and privacy is a top priority at the Highland Health Center. We do not share nor disclose personal health information with the school unless granted permission from the patient and parents.

Do you offer confidential services?

State law mandates that of-age patients can access the following services without parental consent:

  • Reproductive & contraceptive health counseling (any age)
  • Sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment (ages 14+)
  • Mental health counseling (ages 13+)

Confidentiality of other services are up to the discretion of the Highland Health Center medical providers and the patient

However, ALL services at the Highland Health Center remain confidential between the patient, provider and parents. Medical encounters and personal health information will never be disclosed to teachers, staff members or fellow Highland students.

Can family members also schedule appointments at the Highland Health Center?

Unfortunately, the Highland Health Center is only available to Highland Middle School students and students enrolled in the Bellevue School District. However, the Highland Health Center is operated by International Community Health Services (ICHS), which welcomes families at our main clinic sites. For a list of clinics near you, visit: https://www.ichs.com/ichs-locations/

Can parents accompany their children to their appointments?

Yes, parents are able to attend appointments at the Highland Health Center with their children. Should a confidential topic arise, parents will be asked to excuse themselves so providers can speak individually with the patient.

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