Dear Interlake Families,

This has been an exciting year at Interlake for technology! We had a successful third year with each student having a BSD issued laptop. Students and families have greater access to curriculum and assignments through OneNote. We have seen an increase in both student and teacher technology skills and an awareness of digital citizenship.

It is now the time of year we need to collect the laptops for summer maintenance. Though students will not have BSD laptops over the summer, information on how to save work and access their work from any computer that is connected to the internet will be available on the Interlake website and sent to students in an email. Prior to the return day, students should plan to backup any information they want to access the following school year as the hard drive will be erased and the laptop will be reimaged.

Below are the procedures, dates and information regarding laptop return at Interlake:

When do I turn in the BSD issued school laptop for the summer?


  • Important Information: Seniors must turn in the BSD laptops in order to complete Senior Check Out and receive graduation tickets. Seniors’ have finals June 11th-14th. Seniors are also scheduled to attend classes 1-7 on Friday the 15th with the senior assembly occurring at the end of the day. Friday attendance in classes is mandatory.
  • Mandatory Collection Times– Seniors will be turning in the BSD issued laptop on Friday the 15th during their 1st– 7th period classes. We will be calling down groups of students alphabetically by last name throughout the day.
Seniors with Last Name Period
A-C 1st
D-H 2nd
I-L 3rd
M 4th
N-P 5th
S 6th
T-Z 7th


  • Voluntary Collection Times – Done with studying for your tests? Then turn in the laptop early!
    • Wednesday, June 20th 12:30-2:30 in the library
  • Mandatory Collection Times– If you have not turned in the BSD issued laptop already, you will come to the library with your math class on Thursday, June 21st to turn it in.
  • Parking Permits for 2018-19

Students who wish to have an individual or group carpool parking pass must turn in the BSD issued computer by the mandatory date in order to be eligible to apply. Please note that due to increasing numbers of permits requested by students and a decreasing number of spaces (due to increased staffing), carpool parking passes will receive first priority going forward. All students in a carpool group must turn in the BSD issued computer to be eligible. More information about the new process will be coming soon.

  • Class Schedules for 2018-19

Students will receive a copy of their class schedule for next year upon turning in the BSD issued computer.


  • Are you a senior? Follow the senior turn in times above! Please contact us if there is an issue with scheduling due to finals at your college.
  • Are you a junior? Follow the 9th to 11th turn in times above! Come at any of the times listed.

What should I bring on laptop return day?

  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Stylus
  • Laptop bag

What happens if I am missing something or my laptop is damaged?

On the right is the form that will be completed the day of return. One copy stays with the district and a yellow copy will go home to families. This form documents any damage at the time of turn in and indicates any charges incurred.

Missing Items: If you are missing any of these items, you can buy the item from the accountant beforehand (on a non-laptop turn in day) or your account will be charged the following amounts:

  • Replacement cost for charger/power supply: $19
  • Replacement cost for stylus: $13
  • Replacement cost for laptop bag: $30
  • Laptop: $1,000

Damage: Someone from the district will be present during collection to assess damage on the computer. The parent/guardian will be charged $0 for accidental damage or $100 for negligent damage. If gross negligence is found, the parent/guardian will need to pay the full cost for the repair or replacement. The cost for damage is in addition to any missing items. Fines for missing items or damage can be paid in installments and throughout the time your student remains in the Bellevue School District.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Margot Maffucci (, Assistant Principal or Mike Doran (, Interlake’s technology specialist via email or by calling Interlake’s main office.

Thank you all for your support at home and for reminders to your student about the laptop collection process. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2018-2019!


Margot Maffucci

Assistant Principal


Laptop Collection Spring 2018

We will collect the student Lenovo Laptops this spring to inspect the device for any damages or repairs that are needed as well as upgrade the software for next school year.

Please have your students bring:

              BSD Asset Picture Replacement cost



Stylus $13.00
Power supply $19.00
BSD bag $30.00
Other damages

o    Keyboard Damage or Missing Keys

o    Cracked or Broken Laptop Casing

o    Screen Damage


The parent or guardian is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the laptop due to the following conditions:

  • Not Returned
  • Intentionally damaged
  • Lost or damaged due to negligence
  • Stolen, but not reported to the school and/or police in a timely manner


When will I turn in my laptop?

Seniors                                                           Friday, June 15, 2018, groups will be called alphabetically (see details above)

9th, 10th & 11th graders                                Thursday, June 21st, 2018 during Math Class

Running Start                                                Follow the timeline of your grade level

If you do not have a Math class at IHS you can turn in your laptop any time (excluding lunch) between 8:30am and 2:30pm in the library on your assigned day as shown above.

What happens on Student Laptop Return Day?

  • Math teachers will distribute a Student Laptop Return Form to each student in class.
  • Students will take the form with their laptop, case, stylus, and power charger to the library when instructed by their Math teacher.
  • In the library, laptops will be inspected to ensure the following items are received.
    • Laptop
    • Stylus
    • Laptop bag with bag tag
    • Power charger (Must be same model assigned with laptop. Substitute models will not be accepted.
  • Students will incur a fine for replacement cost of any missing items. If the student has the missing piece at home, they can return it to the school accountant. The fine will be removed once the missing item is received.
  • Damaged laptops will be assessed and fines may be charged to the student if damage is beyond the district’s acceptable wear and tear guidelines.
  • Each student will receive a return receipt which indicates laptop has been received and the condition of the laptop when turned in.

What if I can’t be at school on return day?

  • Students who have a prearranged absence and must return their laptop early will need to bring the following documents with their laptop.
  • Signed pre-approved Absence Form
    • Student Laptop Return Form obtained from Mr. Doran
  • Students must bring their laptop, stylus, case with bag tag and power charger. Refer to section above for more information on return procedures.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for laptop return process in order to complete required paperwork and receive a return receipt. Laptops can’t be just “dropped off”. Students must receive a staff-signed Student Laptop Return Form to remove liability of laptop from student.
  • Early returns will only be accepted at the times shown below. Anyone needing to arrange another time must contact Mr. Doran (

Seniors                                                   June 11th through June 14th 2:30pm-3:30pm in the library

9th, 10th & 11th graders                        June 18th through June 19th 2:30pm-3:30pm in the library

Will my files and Class Notes be deleted from my computer?

All student laptops will be reimaged over the summer and files saved on the laptop will be deleted. Any data or Class Notebooks students want to keep need to be saved or exported to students’ OneDrive. Instructions to save/export data will be sent out via email prior to Return Day. Seniors will need to save to an external drive as their District OneDrive accounts will expire after graduation. Please note, there will be no one available to help students with back up at check-in time. All back up must be done prior to Return Day.